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7-Year-Old Has Only 48 Hours To Get A Life-Saving Transplant, It's His Last Chance To Beat Cancer

t’s been 4 months that Aman (7) and Jitendar are in Delhi and all these days they have relied on NGO’s for shelter. Sometimes, it wasn’t possible even for the NGOs to help them with accommodation. The father and his sick son had to sleep on hospital floors, sometimes even on empty stomachs.

"I couldn't work in these 4 months and now I cant even afford to buy him a proper meal anymore, whatever I had...I have already spent. It is only because of some generous lady who gave us some money looking at my child's condition, that we survived this long otherwise my son... now we don't have that money also. Aman needs the transplant at the earliest."  

Aman's battle with cancer started when he was just 4.  Jitender begged and borrowed and arranged money for his chemotherapy and successfully completed the treatment. Just when things were right and Aman was leading a normal life; started going to school, his cancer relapsed and since then his father is struggling to save his child. Aman has only 48 hours to get this transplant - this is his last hope.

Aman's blood levels can go down anytime and whenever that happens, he immediately needs a  blood transfusion. He needs chemotherapy too. To add to all of this he has constant fever - he is very prone to infections.

"He is going through so much treatment and medicines but he never complains...not once. He is a strong boy, stronger than me."  

Aman can’t be with his mother neither can he call her to her voice

"I don't have enough money to buy my wife a phone and recharge it with talk time so that she could talk to Aman. Sometimes in the streets if she finds someone known, she manages to call. Aman misses his mother a lot but what can we do...we are helpless."

Aman's mother has to stay back to look after their 1 year old. Aman recently suffered from a bout of chicken pox - the pain and discomfort got doubled for the little boy with his mother not around.   

I feel like I am failing at everything, a father,a husband,a brother...

"Everthing was getting better, we were happy. My sister's marriage was about to happen, my wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and but my son got cancer again. Doctors asked us to prepare for a BMT in March this year,but I could not afford money, I tried but... so I kept postponing. It can't be delayed any further. He needs the transplant in 2 days or he might not survive cancer this time."

Jitender has used up all his savings on his son's treatment - this meant that his sister's marriage also got postponed due to lack of funds.

Aman needs a transplant in 48 hours and his 4-year-old sister is a match. Every day's delay is putting his life in more and more risk. Your generous contribution can save this boy 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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