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Mother Is Running Out Of Time To Save One Of Her 6-month-old Twins From Liver Failure

Every parent dreads to be in Fasna's situation. 6 months ago, she gave birth to twin boys - Adam and Adheem. She stayed awake for days at a time, feeding, changing and playing with them. Every night she promised to protect them against any evil. She watched as they slept holding hands. Life felt like a dream until Adam was diagnosed with terminal liver disease. Today, Fasna refuses to let go of Adam, afraid she might lose him forever.

Fasna has been away from her husband for most of their married life

Jasim worked in Ajman but his income was not enough for them to build a life in the Gulf. When Fasna delivered twins, Jasim decided to return to Kerala and spend more time with his family. He had already missed months of his children's lives. Three weeks into his job hunt, Adam fell ill.

"Nobody caught it at birth. He started looking very yellow around 3 months. They said his bile ducts are blocked. There was a surgery we could have done earlier, but now, when he is 6 months old, there is only one solution - a liver transplant." - Jasim

The disease means Adam needs constant care

Fasna feeds him for long hours as his body needs more nutrition to battle jaundice. This means she spends lesser time with Adheem who tends to cry for his mother throughout the day. While they have elders at home for help, the situation is spiraling with Adam's symptoms.

"Until now he was just yellow. For two days, he has been crying constantly. I don't understand whether it is pain from his swelling stomach or irritating from itchy skin. I don't know what he is trying to tell me. If Adam cries, Adheem cries, and then I just... cry." - Fasna

Adam will face more complications as they delay the transplant

Doctors have advised the family to move for the transplant immediately. At most, they have two weeks. Every day, there will be a new symptom, and as the liver deteriorates further, Adam's condition will turn critical. If it does, the chances of saving him reduce drastically.

“Fasna is a lactating mother. She cannot be the donor. Both our sons need her. I am ready to donate but we don't have enough funds for the surgery itself. This is an impossible situation. Fasna will be overwhelmed trying to take care of me, Adam, Adheem and the bills." - Jasim

This couple needs your help as soon as possible

It is evident that both Jasim and Fasna are torn every day. They want to hold both their sons, but they choose Adam. They let the boys play together as long as possible. They are afraid these may be Adam's last days if they don't get help in time. The transplant itself costs Rs. 18 Lakhs. While family and friends are contributing, it will be years before they raise the total amount. Adam has two weeks.

"We are back in Thrissur waiting for help. We hope things don't get worse. If they do, I don't think any of us will survive. Please, save my son." - Jasim

Your contribution can save Adam's life and give these parents a chance to be a real family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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