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He Was Fighting Tuberculosis When They Realized The Medicines Were Killing Him

10 days ago, Abhilash was diagnosed with tuberculosis. His shaken family was by his side as he underwent treatment. 10 days later, a kidney problem manifested. As they consulted their doctor, they got devastating news. His TB medicines have impacted his liver and kidneys. His organs are failing, Abhilash is dying. The only cure now, is organ transplant. It is an emergency. It is a life or death issue.

For people of our generation, tuberculosis was the worst thing that could happen

Anantha and Swaroopa, parents of 23-year-old Abhilash and a 22-year-old younger brother, were terrified when their son was diagnosed with tuberculosis. During their time, TB was a killer disease, similar to cancer. The doctor assured them it was curable with new age medicines. For 10 days, Abhilash was on medicines.

"During our days, there was no cure for TB. People who had it died. Every time we hear the name of the disease, that familiar sense of panic sets in."

What we thought was a cure for a disease was actually killing him

Nobody expected this situation. Abhilash felt very sick. He stopped going to work. He had just joined, and his sickness caused him to take leave. The pain was so intense that he collapsed and is now in the ICU of the hospital.

"Suddenly he began having symptoms indicating a kidney issue. His stomach would hurt. He had trouble urinating. We rushed back to the doctor fearing whether the condition got worse. It took just a few tests to let us know that his liver and kidneys were failing."

When you are in trouble and need help the most, everyone disappears from the scene

Abhilash's father, Anantha, is a supervisor in a pharmacy. With just Rs. 25000 salary he has been caring for his family and educating his children. He does not have much to save every month. He has now come forward to donate a part of his liver to his son Abhilash. Currently, he has been matched as a liver donor for him. The liver transplant needs to be done as soon as possible to save Abhilash's life.

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The cost has been estimated to be Rs. 30 lakhs. Post surgery, he needs a kidney transplant and alternative drugs for TB which will work safely to cure his TB issue. The doctors have great hope in saving the boy. The only thing standing in the family's way are the funds.

"If there was time, we could probably think of options. My son is dying as we speak. There is no time to run around right now. I need your help right now to save Abhilash. You are my only hope."
Abhilash does not have much time on his hands. Your contribution is the only chance for his survival.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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