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His Disease Makes Him Scream So Loudly That It Echoes Through The Hospital Corridors

“Look at his face - he is always in so much pain. His screams can be heard even from the corridors... tears stream down his cheeks. And look at me, I can do nothing about it. I can’t even afford the treatment that will save his life. I must be the worst father ever…” - Hari hides his face in his hands.

His 1-year-old is in urgent need of a liver transplant but this farmer has nothing in his pocket with which he can save his baby boy.

First one surgery and then another one - what is happening to my son?

12 days ago when Hari and Dhankumari brought their son to Delhi, doctors said that a small surgery can cure him. They said his bile ducts were blocked and with surgery Aahan will be completely fine.

“He is not fine. His pain seems to have increased.His entire body is yellow in colour and his stomach is so hard and swollen. And now the doctors are saying that he needs a liver transplant! Will he survive all of this? He is so small…” - Dhankumari, mother.  

Did you see his nose? It’s because he scratches it all the time...the itching doesn’t let him sleep

Aahan’s entire body itches. There is not a single minute when the little boy doesn’t scratch himself. Blood oozes out, nothing is able to calm this little boy.
“My wife is willing to donate a part of her liver. That’s the only way Aahan can be saved, his itching can stop and he will get a peaceful night’s sleep. But how do I afford this life-saving treatment?” - Hari.  

He is a small farmer who has zero savings. He has been able to start his son’s treatment after borrowing from so many people. He has spent over a lakh by now.

“I would need over Rs 16 lakhs to save Aahan. Now all my hopes are pinned on you, only you can save my son,” - Hari.  

An urgent liver transplant is the only way Aahan can be saved. His parents are struggling very hard - they are looking up to you for help