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If I Can't Save My Son's Life, I Will Never Forgive Myself For Being Poor

Harsh Dhembare is like any 10-year-old: bright, friendly and full of curious questions. He was promoted to the 6th standard a few months back, but the poor boy has not attended school in months now. Travelling to and from his house in Mumbai for treatment in Bangalore, now, all the little boy longs for is a relief from the searing pain, and to go back to his normal school life.

2 years back, Harsh was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease.

At 8, Harsh started having terrible pangs of pain and swelling in his stomach. His parents ran from doctor to doctor trying to understand what the problem was. He was finally diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, that leads to the accumulation of Copper in the body, impacting mainly the liver.

“When I found out my son has a life-threatening medical condition, I was shattered, but sadly I could not even afford any time to cry over it. I had to arrange money from somewhere even to get him treated and keep him alive,” says his father Santosh
Due to this condition, Harsh’s liver has been affected terribly. He has frequent episodes of severe pain. For almost 2 years, Harsh’s condition was regulated by medicines.

The medicines went out of stock, and his condition worsened.

Unfortunately, these 2 months left an irreversible effect. Little Harsh’s liver was damaged beyond repair.

“The medicines were really difficult to get, and we had to order it online. Then, for over 2 months, the tablet went out of stock, and we had to helplessly watch his condition degrade. Since this is a rare medical condition, it is not easy to get treatment as well," Santosh says

He now needs an urgent liver transplant to stay alive.

Harsh’s liver cannot hold up for too long. He has been given 50 transfusions of white blood cells over the past 2 months. He must urgently undergo a transplant. Fortunately, his mother has been found to be a perfect match! The transplant would cost the family about 7.5 Lakh. Santosh is a farmer and has already spent more money than he had.  

How you can help.

“The doctors say my son can live. After all this struggle, if I still cannot save him I will never be able to forgive myself for not having enough money to be a good father,”
 Santosh cannot even stand the thought of losing his son.Harsh’s condition is constantly worsening. He must undergo the transplant within days to stay alive. Any contribution to this fundraiser will give Santosh a better chance to save his son.

Supporting document:

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

Click here to save Harsh.

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