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Baby Girish Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant To Live

Girish is a 1-year-old baby who urgently needs a liver transplant to beat chronic liver disease and Caroli's disease. With a transplant, he can get better and grow up to be a healthy, happy child. His father, Nityanand makes only Rs 10,000 per month as a cook in a local mess and needs help financing the transplant. Crowdfund baby Gireesh now.

Timely diagnoses but delay in treatment

Baby Girish's older brother Yatin – who is just 5-years-old – was thrilled when his brother was born. He had told his parents he wanted a brother to play with. A year later, Yatin is very protective about Girish. He is scared his baby brother's stomach will burst because it is swollen. He is waiting for the operation that will 'open his brother's stomach' and make him better again.

Nityanand with Meera, Yatin and Girish

Stoic and strong, his parents Nityanand and Meera laugh about Yatin's active imagination and his fears. Most of the time, they forget that Girish is sick because, in other ways, he is a normal, happy infant. He is learning his first words, starting to walk and recognize his family members. But with his distended stomach, it is a reality they cannot ignore for too long.
What they also can't ignore is the crushing guilt they feel about their youngest child being sick. “At 5 months, the doctor told us that Girish had a liver problem. We thought we should not feed him too many medicines and took him to the local ayurveda doctor. That made his condition worse,” explains Meera. 

Girish is learning his first words and learning to walk while battling liver disease

The parents blame themselves for Girish's dire condition. But they also have other responsibilities that scared them from the costs of treatment. Nityanand and Meera also take care of Nityanand's mother who is bedridden and his sister who is mentally challenged. 

No matter how much he tries, Nityanand is unable to collect funds

Nityanand has tried working in restaurants in the hopes of getting better pay. He even moved from his village in Hiriyadka to a bigger town, but found it more expensive. “We tried to raise some money, but nothing we do can help us collect the full amount needed for transplant,” Meera explains.

Girish with his parents at the hospital

The family has sold off their small home, all Meera's jewelry for Girish's treatment so far. They have put off sending Yatin to school and they need to care for Nityanand's sister and mother. But through it all, they have been brave and are committed to doing their best in this difficult time. 

The family needs Rs 16.5 lakhs for Girish's treatment. For them, collecting this much money seems unachievable. Friends and family have come forward and helped them but that help is also limited. “People are being very understanding, but how much can they give us? A few thousands? The doctors say Girish needs much more,” Meera says. 

Just a year-old, so far, Girish has only known illness and pain. With your help, he can get better and have a happy, energetic childhood and a bright future. Contribute now.  

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.