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How to Get Local Media to Cover Your Campaign

You never know what good your story can do to the society as a whole. It can compel, inspire, create awareness and restore faith. Let hesitation take a back seat, believe in yourself and reach out to the media.
In this particular article, we have carefully answered all the questions that might be popping up in your mind about how to and what to do to make sure that your story goes out to the world via the powerful voice of the media.

What you need to understand that any channel or a newspaper will only take up your story if they find it could influence or provide value to its viewers or readers.
Thus, you need to present your story in a way that it touches the right chord.

Step 1: Contact the Right News Outlets
Every media agency or news channel caters to the stories of a domain. While few focus on business news, another might focus on reporting news of a specific state. Find out the right media source which has a history of reporting stories such as yours. These should be your target.

Step 2: How to Contact Them
Once you have found the channel or the newspaper that would take up your story the next step is to reach out to them.
  • Via email: Search the internet for their official website to get in touch with them.
  • Also, try to find people who work there and approach them on social media platforms.
  • Use social media: Take onto social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Trace down their official pages. Tag them and use hashtags when you post your story. These work as a hook, making your way through their top feed. 
  • Look for the contact form: Remember that even journalists are looking out for stories. Most websites have a detailed form or email addresses, use them.
  • Use your network: Not only you, even your family, friends, friends of friends can have connections with some influential people. Let everyone spread the word.

Step 3: What to Send Them
Now, this is what matters the most. We share with you some tips so that your story stand out and makes the right appeal.
  • Short and crisp: Firstly, submit a short extract stating your story and why do you want the people to know it. Also, mention what good you think it will bring to the society. Journalists if find it engaging enough they will reach out to you to know more.
  • Your campaign link: This works like a verification and adds to the credibility.
  • Great photos or video: If possible attach a few pictures or even a short video. These act as powerful engaging tools.
  • Your unique angle: The story should have that personal connection and should come straight from your heart. This uniqueness of yours will make your story stand out.
Believe that no one can tell your story better than you!