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Help This Doctor Who Has Saved Hundreds Of Lives In Her Battle Against Ovarian Cancer

For the past four months, Shampa’s life has been an unending nightmare. The 42-year-old doctor never imagined that one day she would herself be a patient fighting for life. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July, which soon spread rapidly to other parts of her body. Shampa started chemotherapy, and underwent a major surgery on November 22, 2017. She is currently in the ICU recuperating. However, Shampa’s battle isn’t over just yet. She must continue chemotherapy and treatment even after she’s out of the ICU.

From Doctor To Patient In Just A Day

It was just another day for Shampa as she set out for work. She was feeling a little uneasy in her stomach, and decided to take a medicine for acidity before going for work. The uneasy feeling soon turned into agonising pain. The doctors found fluid collected in her stomach, and after further tests, Shampa was diagnosed with cancer. In just one day, her life completely changed.

Shampa and her husband, Biplap Saha, are both doctors. He talks about how passionate and dedicated Shampa is towards her work. She was also deeply involved in social work.

“She travelled 8 hours every day to and from work, but she never complained even once. She worked as a homeopathy medical officer. She has helped so many people through her work. I can't think of her life getting cut short by cancer.”

Shampa with her husband

Shampa Hasn’t Given Up 

The doctors and her family were positive that with chemotherapy, her condition would improve. However, her cancer soon spread to other parts of her body. The doctors advised her to undergo a surgery which involved the removal of several organs. The surgery, which was on 22 November 2017, was performed by 32 surgeons and took 48 hours to complete.

“We couldn't eat or sleep those two days. It was such a complicated surgery. My son and I were so worried.“

Fortunately, Shampa is a fighter and responded well to the surgery. Despite the intense treatment procedures, she hasn't given up. She is currently in the ICU and the doctors are positive that with the right treatment, she will recover. However, the treatment and expensive procedures have taken a financial toll on the family. Biplap is worried that he won’t be able to afford the amount required for further treatment.


It’s Been An Emotional And Financial Battle For The Family

These past few months have been very difficult for the family, especially their son. He is a bright, young boy studying in class 9. Not only did he have to come to terms with his mother’s illness, but also deal with the pressures of school without her love and support. Although he’s trying to be strong for his mother, he often breaks down wondering when she’ll be home with them again.

Shampa’s father passed away from Cancer earlier this year, and Biplap’s mother is currently also battling the disease. All their savings have been depleted in paying for their treatment.

Shampa with her family

“The costs for all the treatments have been very high. I’m the only earning member since Shampa’s diagnosis. It hasn’t been easy for us. Our son also misses her terribly and needs his mother with him at such a young age.”
Every day is not just a physical and emotional battle for her family, but also a financial one. If Biplap can’t pay for his wife’s treatment, all her progress will be in vain.

Shampa needs Rs 5 Lakhs to be able to continue receiving treatment and finally beat deadly cancer. Amidst the pain, she has persisted and fought. However, she might not be able to any longer if they can’t pay for her treatment.

Shampa with her son

Shampa has been relentless in her fight against cancer. She hasn’t let the disease break her spirit even now. Shampa is waiting for the day she can get back to being with her family and continue helping people again.

How You Can Help

Shampa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which soon spread to other parts of her body. Her treatment has been intense and expensive. She recently underwent a long, difficult surgery. Shampa will require chemotherapy and further treatment if she is to survive. Her husband, Biplap, can’t afford to pay for the mounting medical bills anymore. She requires 5 Lakhs to continue treatment.

Your support will help Shampa get the treatment she deserves.

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