Featured borrower this week: Mariyayee Balan | Milaap

Featured borrower this week: Mariyayee Balan

In India, 768,000 deaths a year are caused by lack of sanitation. Of which, 395,000 are children.

It's bound to happen, when access to a cellphone is easier than access to a toilet.

Seeking out desolate areas where they can relieve themselves in privacy is the only option for many women - but by doing that, they're putting themselves at risk of molestation. Isn't sanitation one of the most basic necessities for a dignified life? Read more here.

Our featured borrower this week, Mariyayee Balan is hoping that she can get access to this basic necessity. This way, she will not need to wait until dark, or go out into the fields to relieve herself.

A mother of two daughters, Mariyayee is a 41-year old labourer living in Musiri, Tamil Nadu. Her husband Balan is a labourer as well. Together, they earn about Rs 7200 each month, of which they save Rs 1300. To build a toilet in their house, they need a loan of Rs 10,000 from GUARDIAN.


You can help Mariyayee and her two daughters lead a more dignified life. Click here to lend money for her toilet loan.