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These Parents Can Hardly Afford A Meal And Are Struggling To Save Their 1-Year-Old From Painful Liver Failure

“We hardly have enough money to afford one meal a day. On some days we even go to bed on an empty stomach. Under such circumstances, how can we afford a liver transplant to save our son from this deadly disease?"
Devansh is just 1-year-old and is battling for his life. He was fine until a month after the delivery. But after that, his skin and eyes gradually started yellowing, and his stool became pale. Devansh started getting fevers and cried constantly. When his parents took him to the doctor, they were told that Devansh had Biliary Atresia, a birth defect of the liver. Now, Devansh's condition is rapidly deteriorating. The only thing that can save him is an urgent liver transplant.  Venkatesh and Subhashini are desperate to save their son, but they're helpless.

Devansh has suffered for months now and cries in excruciating pain all day long

Devansh is the first child of Venkatesh and Subhashini and all their hopes for a happy parenthood came crashing down with his diagnosis. Initially, after his disorder was diagnosed, he underwent a surgery to rectify his condition. His parents desperately hoped it would work. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t work and his condition continued to worsen. Devansh's liver is now completely damaged and needs a liver transplant to live.

“He’s always crying. He’s so small that he can’t even tell us when he’s pain. It’s a terrible thing for a parent to go through, to watch your baby cry and suffer so much at this age. It is something that forever changes you,” says Venkatesh.

Devansh suffers from a lot of pain and discomfort due to his liver condition. He is crying all the time and his parents can do nothing more than carry him and try to soothe his pain. He keeps getting fevers and takes a long time to recover from them. Subhashini and Venkatesh have lost their sleep over their only child’s miserable condition. They can only wish to take away his pain but can do no such thing.

His parents can only afford one meal a day, and are desperate for help to save their son

Nothing had prepared Venkatesh and Subhashini for the trauma they’re currently facing. They are willing to do all it takes, in order to save him. Even if it means that they go to bed without a single morsel of food in their stomach. They can barely afford one meal a day, let alone a treatment that will cost them lakhs of rupees. 

Venkatesh works as a daily wage labourer and makes a meagre income per month. Within this amount, they're barely getting by. Every day is a struggle for them with Devansh's mounting medical bills. Paying for his liver transplant is well out of their means and they don’t know what to do.

“We have borrowed money from everyone we could think of, and they all helped us. But now, even they don’t have anything to give us. Money is all we need to save our son's life, but that is what we don't have. It breaks my heart to think that our poverty might be the reason we lose our baby.”

So far, for his treatment, they have spent close to Rs 5 lakhs, by borrowing money from friends and relatives. But even that is a door that has closed for Venkatesh. His chances of saving Devansh are getting more and more dismal with each passing day. Time is ticking for Devansh and Venkatesh is now more helpless than ever. 

How you can help

Their financial status should not decide little Devansh’s fate. He deserves a second chance at life and you can give him that. For saving their only son, they desperately need your help. Your contribution means the difference between life and death for this little boy.  

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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