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13-year-old Devadharshini Can Be Saved From Cancer If She Gets Immediate Help For Treatment

"She is in so much, her gums are swollen and she can't eat", said Nandini rushing to the room where her husband, Chandru, was seated. They decided to take Devadharshini to the doctor immediately. They did not realize at that moment that their 13-year-old daughter was dying.

Cancer is killing Devadharshini and she is scared to die. Her parents are trying hard to pay for her treatment but time is running out.

Devadharshini is the youngest child of Nandhini and Chandru. She lives in Chennai with her parents and her brother Giri Prasad.  When her gums started to swell up, her parents never thought the cause was beyond a dental issue. So they took her to a dentist who found nothing wrong. Suspecting an infection he asked them to take a blood test.

They never suspected anything more an infection but they were wrong

It was cancer that was causing all these symptoms in Devadharshini. They cried, they prayed but it did not change their daughter's fate. Nandini and Chandru knew they had to do something immediately to save their daughter.

She screams in pain and her parents are unable to do anything to help her

Devadharshini was immediately admitted to hospital. She is undergoing intensive chemotherapy and the treatment has taken a toll. She screams every now and then, pleading to go back home.

“She asks us what had happened to her, but we can’t even imagine saying ‘cancer’ to her. How can she bear it? I have told her she has an infection and she needs blood transfusions. She asks why she is admitted to a cancer hospital. Every time we tell her different stories and manage to convince her. Don’t know how long we can do this,” says Chandru

My daughter doesn't look the same anymore

Nandini heart breaks when she sees Devadharshini deteriorating. She lost her hair and lost weight. I don't have an answer when she asks me why her appearance is changing. We haven't told her she has cancer but she is 13-years-old and knows she is in a cancer hospital.

But an even worse fear gnaws at her parents. While Nandhini takes care of her in the hospital, Chandru is running from pillar to post to arrange for enough money to treat his child. Giri Prasad is staying in a relative’s place and knows very less about his sister's illness.

I wish I had a better job and saved enough for my daughter

Chandru is a driver and he earns about Rs 8,000 every month and Nandhini is a homemaker. In just 2 weeks of the hospital admission, they have spent nearly 5 lakhs. They are struggling to meet expenses. It has been more than 10 days since Chandru went for work. He has been desperately trying to reach out to people for help. They have sold everything they owned and are now struggling to support Devadharshini's treatment.

They need Rs 10 lakhs more for induction chemotherapy in the coming days. This is not the end. After she recovers she will need 3 more cycles of chemo to prevent a relapse of cancer.

Devadharshini needs extensive treatment even after recovery to prevent from relapsing

How you can help

Nandini and Chandru realises that they will lose their daughter if they don't continue her treatment. There is a not a single day Devadharshini sleeps peacefully, the pain and continuous treatment have made her scared. She is scared she will die. If we can come together to help this 13-year-old, she will get a chance to become cancer free. She can then lead a life free from pain.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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