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This 6-Month-Old Baby Will Lose His Life If He Does Not Get A Heart Surgery In The Next 4 Days

“He is just 6-months-old. When we first heard about his condition, we were shocked. I still can’t believe it and my wife is still in shock. All of this is happening so fast. Daksh has no option but to get a heart operation in the next 2-3 days.” – Ramkumar, Daksh’s father

Ramkumar with Daksh at the hospital

After being thrilled with the joyous birth of their first child, Ramkumar and his wife, Neha were excited to begin their journey as parents. But just 6 months after his birth, their son Daksh was diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease and is very critical. Unable to breathe normally, Baby Daksh urgently needs a life-saving heart surgery.

Daksh is very critical

For the first four months, it seemed like Daksh was fine. His only problem was that he wouldn’t feed much and his weight didn’t increase. Within a month, not only was the baby finding it hard to breathe but would also cry for extended durations.

Ramkumar and Neha’s happiness was torn apart when, after a 2-D Echo test, they found out that their baby had multiple heart defects.

The left side of Daksh’s heart, which pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body isn't functioning well, which means that his body does not receive enough oxygen-rich blood. This why the baby breathes heavily, desperately gasping for more air.

The 6-month old’s heart is at risk of failure and his oxygen levels are dangerously low at around 40%, whereas a normal baby would have oxygen levels around 95-100%.

“His fingers and nails turned bluish too. That’s when I was really concerned. This seemed so odd. After the Echo test, I couldn’t believe what the doctor told me. I just want him to get the surgery done and live normally. He is just 6 months old and so small.” – Ramkumar

Ramkumar, Neha and Daksh at the hospital

Daksh needs an urgent heart surgery to stay alive

6-month-old Daksh’s only hopes of survival are to undergo urgent corrective cardiac surgery. The baby has no other option but this. His heart his at high risk of failure and with every passing day, his condition is getting worse.

“He isn’t able to feed. He weighs only a 4.5 kgs. Babies his age weigh around 8 kgs. This is very dangerous.” – Ramkumar

Daksh needs a heart surgery in the next 3-4 days but his parents don’t have any resources left to save him.

Ramkumar and Neha are running out of time to save Daksh

With little time left, Ramkumar and Neha are in dire need of help to save their 6-month-old son.  27-year-old Ramkumar graduated college just two years ago and has had a rough time finding a job. He was undergoing training for a future job opportunity and he also tutors small kids. He earned a meagre sum of Rs 8000 per month but he hasn’t been able to attend his training or tutor any kids in the past few months. He has been busy taking care of Daksh.

Neha is a homemaker and Ramkumar's parents are unable to help. He has exhausted all his savings and borrowed from relatives to provide for Daksh’s treatments. Ramkumar and his family are from Ghaziabad and they keep going up and down to Delhi, where Daksh’s surgery needs to take place.

“I am so worried right now. My condition is so poor and Rs 4 lakhs is a massive amount. I just want Daksh to get better but now with this, I haven’t been able to earn much recently and have no way to pay for this surgery.” – Ramkumar

The total cost of the life-saving cardiac surgery is estimated to be around Rs 4 lakhs. Ramkumar can’t arrange so much money in time to save Daksh. He needs your help to save his son.

How you can help

6-month-old Daksh has a rare and severe congenital heart disease and is unable to breathe normally. His only hope for survival is to get the heart surgery within the next few days. His parents are running out of time to arrange the funds and they need your help to save their baby.

Your support will save 6-month-old Daksh’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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