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We Cannot Afford To Continue His Treatment, And If We Lose Him, We Will End Our Lives As Well

“I had to leave my job. I had to leave my 12-year-old son with our relatives in Raichur so I could have my son treated at this hospital in Bangalore. They loaned me Rs. 80,000 when I left, but that was hardly enough for the first few days. Now he is unconscious, and if he doesn’t wake up, then we end our lives with poison.”

9-year-old Chetan had symptoms of jaundice, and his doctors found that something worse was killing him. He shocked everyone when he began having recurrent episodes of blood vomiting. Chetan has been diagnosed with End-stage Liver Cirrhosis with Severe Portal Hypertension. He required an emergency liver transplant and is now in intensive care. He needs to continue treatment without which he will not survive.

Aravind and Sreelakshmi have struggled all their life to give their sons Chetan and Karthik a good future. Aravind works at a small kirana shop in Raichur earning Rs. 5000/month, while Sreelakshmi takes care of the household and the children.

“Chetan first began to bleed from his mouth. It scared us out of our minds. We immediately rushed him to the doctor, who noticed that he had jaundice. This was in 2014. Soon, when he was not responding to the treatment, they ran a few more tests, and it took a while to figure out that what he really had was end-stage liver cirrhosis. His liver was failing, and because of the cirrhosis, the portal vein that carried blood through the liver was under immense pressure causing bleeding in the stomach, and blood vomit. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for it. His liver had to come back to normal.”

At the beginning, Chetan’s blood vomit occurred just once a month. As time passed, the frequency increased to once a week, and for the past few months, he had been going through it every day indicating the deteriorating condition. Currently, he is being treated at Aster Hospital in Bangalore where he was rushed in for a liver transplant when his condition got critical. He needs intensive care to ensure that his liver function returns to normal.

Aravind and his wife cannot imagine losing his son after all this struggle. No one is able to console these parents. Sreelakshmi hasn't stopped crying since Chetan was taken in for the surgery. They are really scared to see him unconscious and in ICU.

“With whatever few rupees we have, we will buy poison and end our lives if we lose Chetan”

Chetan needs to continue treatment as it is crucial to his survival and recovery. He is under medication and the family is unable to afford it.

Our help will not only save Chetan and but will save his whole family from a great tragedy.

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