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Giving a Place to Rest: Help Sphoorti Buy Bunk Beds for 160 Children

Getting to sleep comfortably in one’s own bed might come easy to most of us. But, for some, merely getting a place to lay one’s head might be a luxury. Sphoorti wants to ensure that the 160 kids under their care get a peaceful night’s rest and we can help them with that.

As they stretch, squint, and yawn, one look at them in the morning and you know how sleep deprived and lethargic they feel. The hollow daze in their expressions says it all.

“Last year, we had three cases of pneumonia. We don’t want any cases of hospitalization this year. All these kids need is a bed of their own and that can help us avoid a lot of problems,” says Srivyal Vuyyuri, the founder of Sphoorti Foundation, an NGO based in Hyderabad.

Building the Future of Chidren from Poverty-Stricken Families

Established in 2006, Sphoorti is home to 160 abandoned and needy children. Srivyan takes in children who are orphaned, semi-orphaned, or have experienced neglect, abuse, or impoverishment.

Initially, Srivyal had to deal with ridicule and opposition from several quarters. But, that didn’t deter him in any way. In the face of odds stacked against him, he took three children under his wing and started Sphoorti. At the end of second year, Sphoorti had about 53 children.

The organization focuses on children who need ardent support and intervention. They work on transforming their lives through comprehensive care.

For about 10 Years, Sphoorti Children Have Been Sleeping on the Floor

Having been allotted three acres of land by the government of Andhra Pradesh, Sphoorti began the construction of a home for these children. All our funds have gone towards building the home. We still need funds to get beds and mattresses for them, says Srivyal.

These kids have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on the hard surface is extremely uncomfortable, says Srivyal.

What’s worse – these children have had to deal with potential health risks in the past. Sleeping next to a child who had chickenpox, two other kids got infected too. We’ve had to deal with such cases of pneumonia as well last year, adds Srivyal. Inadequate sleep further causes trouble studying and concentrating.

80 bunk beds and 160 mattresses can provide good quality sleep to 160 children at the new Sphoorti Campus. Sphoorti is leaving no stone unturned in creating a better future for these children. From food and education to health care, they have been taking care of it all.

How You Can Help

Organizing themselves in rows on the floor, these children struggle to get proper sleep. You can help Sphoorti buy bunk beds, thereby helping end these children’s ordeal. Together we can help get a bed for every child at Sphoorti. To help these children, donate here