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This 15-day-old Baby Needs Your Help To Survive A Disease That Does Not Allow Him To Poop

My name is Manjunath. My wife Bhagya and I had a baby boy a few weeks ago. We celebrated. We were happy that our family was complete with three children. Even before the confetti could touch the floor, my son began fighting for his life. His cries echoed around the house, and we realized he was born with a disease like no other. He could not poop, causing an infection that has him in the ICU fighting for his life.

My 2-week-old son was crying in pain unable to poop 

Like any birth, everything was fine when our baby was born. 15 days later, we noticed that he was not urinating or pooping. His stomach was bloated, and he was refusing to drink any milk. Alarmed, we rushed him to the hospital. He had a blood test that showed abnormal results. They had to operate on him immediately because his bowels seemed to be dying. We had to move him immediately to NH for a surgery.

They found his bowels blackened. They had to remove the blockage. After the procedure, my baby was alright for a day or two. Again, he developed bloating. He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's Disease, a congenital disease due to missing nerve endings in the colon causing difficulty in passing stool.

The surgical wound got infected and he was rushed to the ICU

This time, he needed the same procedure, and a colostomy so he can relieve himself in a bag. They attached it to his side. Unfortunately, as a result of the stool that he had retained earlier, he contracted a stomach infection that affected his surgical wound. My son continued to suffer and needed to be rushed into the ICU.

The doctors say it will be difficult for him to gain weight, and that he would need another surgery to revert the colostomy when he weighs about 6 kgs. It will take months before his life is normal again. We are most worried about him now, whether he will make it out of the ICU.

My wife needed to be rushed to the hospital

Bhagya had a C-section to deliver him. Although he was a full-term baby, she had last minute complications due to which she needed surgery. The stress of seeing her newborn go through so much pain did not agree with her and put her on the hospital bed back in Tumkur. Now, I am traveling back and forth every day to care for the two people I love the most in my life.

We need your help to save him

I work as a sales executive for Rs. 15,000/month. I spend over a lakh on the C-section and our bills for my son has gone over Rs. 4 Lakhs. We have exhausted all the money we have to the extent that I’m worried we will not even have enough to buy baby food if we need it tomorrow. I need help to continue my son’s treatment in the ICU, to bring him home safe.

Bhagya and I are on our own for now because everyone around us is not in a position to lend a hand. He needs to fight this infection off and come home where he can be safe, healthy, loved and live a long life. This treatment will cost over Rs. 5 lakhs.
We are pleading for your support to save our baby boy.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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