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Bhagya Has Not Held Her Newborn Even Once And He Is Fighting For His Life In The ICU

Bhagya Laksmi and Madan had a baby boy on October 19 and right after birth, he started gasping for breath. It was only after 15 days that his heart condition was caught. The baby's heart was not pumping blood correctly and immediate surgery was the only way to save him. Their son needs to get better and will need to be under intensive care for a long time. His father, a technician is finding it hard to pay for his treatment.

Madan at the hospital with the baby

Every visit to the hospital takes a toll on Bhagya

This baby is their first and they had a lot of hopes and dreams around his birth. But the parents' happiness lasted only a few hours after which the baby's condition deteriorated very quickly. He turned blue and couldn't breathe properly. Even before Bhagya regained consciousness, he was shifted to a super specialty hospital.

In 2 weeks, he was taken to Hyderabad from Vizag in an ambulance and an emergency surgery was performed on him. Since then, the baby has been in the ICU and his recovery will take some time. To survive, he needs to stay in the sanitised atmosphere of the ICU for another month.
Bhagya and Madan are waiting for their baby to come back home healthy

“Bhagya came to Hyderabad a few days after the surgery. She wanted to be with the baby. But all she could do was see the baby from a distance. She started crying right there in the ICU. She is also not well enough and it is too upsetting to her, so I visit the baby every morning,” says Madan.
Bhagya was eager to meet her baby, but has still not ever held him. She finds it hard to see her small baby pierced with so many tubes. She came back to Hyderabad only to give her baby milk that will give him a better chance at fighting off infections. Motherhood has been confusing and painful for her this far and she prays for the day her baby becomes healthy.

Because Bhagya is too weak, Madan visits the baby every morning

The parents are no longer sure how much longer they can continue treatment  

Madan works in the night shift as an IT technician in a private company in Hyderabad. He is with the baby in the morning and goes to work in the night. He looks after Bhagya in the afternoon and, these days, sleeps only two hours a day. He is doing everything he can, but he is not sure how much longer he will be able to afford his baby's treatment.

The baby needs to be in the ventilator till he recovers and his heart and lungs function normally. He is very vulnerable to infections and his heartbeat needs to be monitored constantly. This little one needs to heal on his own now and he needs to do it with medical support.

This one-month-old baby has suffered a lot at such a young age. Help him live.

Till now, Madan has spent over Rs 9 lakhs on the baby's treatment. This money was arranged by borrowing heavily from their friends and family. Madan has nothing left to continue paying for the baby's treatment. But for his family, he is staying strong and every day is a struggle to manage expenses.

"I don't have words to describe how painful the last one month has been. Any help we get in saving our son will literally be the difference between life and death. Your help will give both my son and me and my wife our life," says an emotional Madan.

How you can help

Both Madan and Bhagya are making big personal sacrifices for their baby's well being. It will come to nothing if they can't save him. All their excitement about having their first child has turned to a lot of pain and worry about their baby's life. Help these parents through their difficult time and contribute towards their baby's treatment.

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