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This 16-year-old Son of A farmer Has become unrecognizable due to Cancer

Baliram is a 16-year-old who has been fighting cancer for the last one year. His parents are farmers and they don't understand cancer fully. Baliram's parents are daily-wage workers and cannot take him to the hospital on days he becomes very sick. Baliram's treatment has drained them of hope as well as funds. They need help getting him chemotherapy that will save his life and end his suffering. 

Bali crosses his state border everyday to go to school

The first thing people notice about Baliram his friendly welcoming smile. Despite undergoing difficult, painful chemotherapy - he manager to summon one for everyone who comes to meet him. It is this strength with which he lives his life every day. 

Both his parents are farmers who work for a meager wage to provide for their two children and struggle their way through the month to make ends meet. They hail from a small village in the Karnataka-Maharashtra border. Bali crosses the border and travels around 10km to get to school every day.

His motivation stems from wanting a better life for himself and his family. “I want to study well and get a good job so that we can stop being poor. My parents work so hard to send me and my brother to school. I need to do well for them,”

Baliram’s younger brother dropped out of school a few months back. Bali is now the only one on whom his parents have put all their hopes. He loves studying. Marathi is his favourite subject so far but he will not be able to write his class 12 exams this year.

For over a year, Bali has been battling unbearable pain

Bali suffers from Acute myeloid leukemia - a cancer of the white blood cells. His body produces blood with white-blood cells unable to fight any infections. This reduces the efficiency of the blood preventing it from performing any of its usual functions in the body.  

Bali has had a fever, body pain and fatigue for one whole year. When it gets really bad - his eyes swell up and start bleeding. His uncle takes him to the hospital because his parents cannot afford to lose a day's pay. On days that his uncle can't take him, Bali is at home doing the best he can for himself. 

Baliram's mother is a farmer and despairs of being able to save her son

Bali needs to urgent Chemotherapy to fight cancer

Chemotherapy that can save Bali's life will cost around Rs 14,00,000. Bali's parents who work as migrant farmers do not have any means to put together this amount. Bali is strong and he continues to hope for the best, but his parents' sorrow and helplessness at his condition is painful for him. 

Contribute now and save Bali's life.

Supporting document:

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team by clicking on the link below.

He is still hoping he will make it. Let’s keep his hope alive. A small act of kindness on your end could give Bali a second chance at life. Click here to help Baliram.