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16-year-old Baliram will not let Cancer kill hope. Your support could keep him alive.

Baliram is a delightful and friendly 16-year old. Both his parents are farmers who work for a meagre wage to provide for their two children and struggle their way through the month to make ends meet. They hail from a small village in the Karnataka-Maharashtra border. In fact, Bali crosses the border and travels around 10km to get to school every day.

“I just want to study well and get a job so that I can relieve my family of this poverty that have been battling all their lives. I have seen how hard they work to send us to school so that we don’t end up with the same fate as they did.”

Baliram’s younger brother dropped out of school a few months back. Bali is now the only one on whom his parents have put all their hopes. He loves studying. Marathi is his favourite subject so far but he will not be able to write his exams for the 12th standard this year.

It was about a year back that Bali was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

 He gets frequent fever and body pain that gets unbearable at times. He also has severe bleeding from his eyes at times. He would go to the hospital frequently with his uncle, but soon his uncle also fell ill and then he had no way to come, because his parents could not afford to lose a day’s pay.

He now urgently needs to undergo a Chemotherapy, which would decide whether a BMT would be needed or not. 

The procedure would cost around Rs. 14,00,000. This is beyond what Bali’s parents can afford. They hardly earn 3-4000 a month. Despite all his pain, the only thing that makes Baliram sad is his parents’ helplessness and their struggle to keep him alive. 

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He is still hoping he will make it. Let’s keep his hope alive. A small act of kindness on your end could give Bali a second chance at life. Click here to help Baliram.