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Balakrishnan Suffers From A Rare Bone Marrow Disease And Needs Help To Undergo A Bone Marrow Transpant

This 9-Year-Old Has Not Stepped Outside The Hospital Room Since Last 5 Months

It was the first day of school after Diwali. Balakrishna was eager to speak to this friends about the holidays. His mother, Annalakshmi, didn’t want to him to go to school that day. He was running a fever the previous night, but seeing his enthusiasm, she let him go. That day when Balakrishnan returned from school, he was running a high fever and this continued for 3 days. Balakrishnan was taken to the hospital. The fever didn’t subside even after medications. His father, Iyappan, took him to the town hospital in the hope that he will get better. But the doctors there referred him to the Chennai Government Hospital. The reports from the hospital showed that Balakrishnan’s blood platelets count was really low.  He was referred to Meenakshi Mission hospital in Madurai. A bone marrow test at this hospital showed that he was suffering from Severe Aplastic Anemia, a rare bone marrow disease in which the blood cells are not formed.

Blood Transfusion Every 48 hours

It has been five months since Balakrishnan is admitted to the hospital. Every day, he begs his parents to take him back home. He was in third grade when he was brought to the hospital. His friends have given their final exams and are enjoying their holidays. He cannot wait to join them. But Balakrishnan cannot go out of his room in the hospital. Even his 6-year-old sister is not allowed inside the room in the fear of him getting Infections.  He has to undergo blood transfusions every 48 hours. Annalakshmi cannot bear to see her son undergoing painful transfusions every 48 hours.
Iyappan, a daily wage worker has nearly spent a lakh for his son’s treatment. He has been staying in the hospital with his wife, unemployed and with a big burden in his heart. He recalls how he was shocked to learn that his son has this disease. “I had to sell my wife’s chain and earrings to get money for his treatment. I saved a lot for many years and finally bought a gold earring for my wife. I never got her anything and this was the first but we had to sell it to save my son.”

He Has To Undergo A Bone Marrow Transplant To Survive

The frequency of blood transfusions will increase and Balakirshnan’s condition will become worse if he does not undergo a bone marrow transplant. His mother is a good match to be the donor and has volunteered to donate stem cells for the transplant. The family needs 20 lakhs to proceed with the transplant. Iyappan has exhausted all his savings and is now helpless.

Every passing minute is crucial for Balakrishnan. There is bleeding from his mouth at times and doctors have administered chemotherapy to save him.

How You Can Help

Every 48 hours this boy’s parents have to see a painful sight of their son undergoing a blood transfusion. With our support, Balakrishnan can be saved from this misery and can undergo a bone marrow transplant on time. Funds collected through this campaign will to the hospital to support his transplant expenses. Balakrishnan’s doctor has agreed to keep us updated on his progress. Let’s do our bit to help Balakrishnan.