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On Dialysis Since 3 Months Old,Baby Parvathy Needs Our Help For An Urgent Kidney Transplant

One-year-old  Parvathy was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease when she was just 3 months old. She was on dialysis all this while. Complications during dialysis made her undergo several surgeries. Now, she requires an urgent kidney transplant but her parents are out of money and struggling. 

Baby Parvathy Has Undergone Multiple Surgeries and Now Awaits  A Kidney Transplant

The first symptoms showed when she was just 3 months old and she was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure. Her kidneys were poorly formed and not functioning. Her doctors decided to perform daily peritoneal dialysis on her until she reached an age and weight to withstand a transplant surgery. Daily Peritoneal Dialysis was performed at her home, under the watchful eyes of her mother,Sarita. Parvathy started looking healthier, she gained weight and became a cheerful kid. Unfortunately, during one the dialysis, she developed intestinal strangulation that required immediate surgery. Post-surgical infections and complications made further Peritoneal Dialysis impossible; she had to start undergoing Haemodialysis. 

Her Father Was Forced To Resign His Job and Now The Family Has No Source Of Income

Shinu did not have money to come to India for Parvathy’s treatment. He was a driver in the Middle East and was forced to resign his job to look after Parvathy. It became impossible for Saritha to manage on her own and Shinu could not convince his employer to have his job there.

She Needs An urgent Transplant, But Lack Of Money Is Forcing Her To Quit Treatment

Parvathy’s treatment till now was possible only because of support from friends and extended family. But now the expenses are shooting up and the family is unable to manage.

Parvathy’s Grandmother Has Come Forward To Donate Her Kidney

Parvathy’s grandmother is a potential match to donate her Kidney. But family is in a fix, as they have no resources to fund the surgery and post-transplant care. Amidst this struggle, doctors informed the family that there is a possibility of her liver being affected too. A genetic test has been performed and the result will tell if she needs a liver transplant as well. Including this transplant, the estimation has come to Rs.15 lakhs and this has added an additional burden to the family.

How We Can Support Baby Parvathy

The only time left for the family to arrange funds is the time they have till the genetic reports are out. The transplant will be scheduled immediately once the reports are out and if Parvathy is for the same. Time is running out for this little child and if we can contribute toward her surgery, she can stay alive.

Your support will be crucial for this family to save their little daughter.

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