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Bincy Has Seen 2 Of Her Babies Die In The Past And Now, Her Third Child Is Fighting For His Life In The ICU

"She was devastated just thinking about the possibility of losing our third child. There is a good chance for recovery, but the baby is still critical." - Subilesh, the baby's father

At the age of just 3 months, Bincy’s baby boy has not only been at risk of losing his life but has also received not one but two bone-marrow transplants. Now, he is in the ICU due to a new respiratory infection. He needs to stay in the ICU and continue to receive life-saving treatment but his father, Subilesh, a painter, has absolutely nothing left to save him.

Bincy and her 3-month-old baby at the hospital

Bincy’s baby has received 2 bone marrow transplants

Born 3 months ago, Bincy’s baby, who is still unnamed due to Bincy and her husband’s fear of him passing away, was suffering from a Severe Combined Immune Deficiency. This life-threatening condition put the baby at high risk of contracting fatal infections. His only hope of survival was to get a bone marrow transplant.

So, when he was 1-month-old, Bincy’s baby received a bone-marrow transplant and Bincy was the donor. Unfortunately, this surgery was unsuccessful and the baby was still at risk of losing his life. The doctors suggested that the baby had to undergo yet another bone marrow transplant with the father as the donor.

A month later, the transplant was successful and it seemed like the baby was well on his way to recovery and have a normal childhood. But, the 3-month-old’s health deteriorated again. Life has already tested this baby in the first few months of his life.

Bincy’s baby is in the ICU

After the second bone marrow transplant, Bincy’s baby developed a severe lung infection and pneumonia and was unable to breathe normally. The baby needed to be admitted to the ICU and is on life support.

 He needs to stay there for, at least, a few more weeks but his parents, who have sacrificed and provided so much, have nothing left to provide for the life-saving treatments their 3-month-old baby needs.

After already losing 2 precious babies before, now, Bincy and Subilesh fear losing their 3rd child too.

Bincy affected by a rash and infection

Bincy and Subilesh lost 2 babies to the same deadly disease

Not only has their emotional and mental health been tormented over the past 3 months, but they have also experienced the horror of losing a child, not once but twice. They lost two of their previous babies to the same deadly immune disease that their baby is now suffering from.

Bincy and Subilesh

“Every time we thought our family was finally complete, our babies were cruelly taken away from us. Our first baby boy lived only for 90 days, and our baby girl didn’t live long either. I’m afraid that the same fate is in store for our baby now. I don’t think I have the strength to bear another loss." – Subilesh

Now, 5 years after the death of their second child, their third child has successfully undergone a transplant but needs to remain in the ICU to breathe normally, stabilize and get his lung infection treated.

Subilesh and Bincy are in dire need of help

Bincy and Subilesh have seen two of their children die. Words cannot describe what they have gone through. Their world has been destroyed not once, but twice and it could be destroyed yet again.

To get two transplants done, Subilesh and Bincy borrowed Rs 6 lakhs from their friends and family. They took a bank loan to help with the rest of the total of Rs 15 lakhs. For the second transplant they needed to provide Rs 3 lakhs more.

Now, they need around Rs 25 lakhs to provide for the life-saving treatments their baby needs in the ICU. Subilesh is a painter and has exhausted all his funds. Bincy is a housewife. Since their child’s birth, Subilesh hasn’t gone to work in order to look after his wife and the baby. They have been living off what others have helped them out with.

They are left with no other option but crowdfunding.

How you can help

Subilesh and Bincy have lost two children before. Now, their 3-month-old baby, who has already received two bone marrow transplants, is in the ICU and needs to stay there to receive the life-saving treatments he needs. Subilesh and Bincy have absolutely nothing left to save him, and now, they need your help so that their third child can live on.

Your support will save 3-month-old baby of Bincy.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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