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This 1-month-old Baby's Heart Will Stop Beating Without An Urgent Surgery

“Every passing day is frightening reminders of how I could possibly lose my child if I don’t arrange money for his surgery on time. I can’t imagine letting him go."

Sivagami and Balamurugan were thrilled when they got pregnant. Unfortunately, the prenatal screening tests and scan during her 5th month revealed that their baby has a heart disease. They refused to believe the reports and were hopeful that their baby will be born healthy. Unfortunately, their baby was born with a congenital heart disease and is now fighting for his life.

Sivagami was devastated to know that baby has a heart disease

Sivagami and Balamurugan have a 4-year-old son Badrinathan who is perfectly healthy. They do not have any family history of heart diseases. Sivagami couldn’t bear to talk about pregnancy without bursting into tears. She was completely shattered when her newborn son was diagnosed with a heart disease.

"He was struggling to breathe. I thought he was dying when his little body turned into blue color. The doctors said he can live if he has a surgery now."

“I was still coming to terms with the condition of my baby when the doctors told us how much the treatment would cost us. It was the biggest blow in my life.” – Sivagami

Sivagami's baby needs an urgent heart surgery to survive

Ever since the diagnosis, Balamurugan could hardly sleep or eat. He has been running from pillar to post to arrange for the money. His elderly parents who had very little savings contributed everything towards the treatment. With the given time in his hands, he can hardly imagine funding the surgery that can save his son's heart.

“I can only see my baby’s face nothing else. I’m running to everyone I know to help him for the treatment. I don’t know the ways but I believe my son will be with me.” – Balamurugan

How you can help

Balamurugan is a carpenter earning just Rs 4000 per month. His son needs an urgent open heart surgery to survive. This surgery is estimated to cost Rs 4 lakhs which he cannot afford. Unfortunately, Sivagami and Balamurugan are running out of time. 

Only your contributions can help this baby to survive.

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