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Baby Born After 9 Years Of Marriage Is Fighting For Her Last Chance To Survive

After 9 years, Sarita and Srinivas greeted their first child, a baby girl. She was all they ever dreamed for. She would complete their family. Even before they could name her, she fell sick. 7 months later, these parents are fighting to save the baby girl's life, the baby with no name.

If we name her, and she leaves us forever, we will be broken beyond repair

Soon after birth, Sarita's baby began to show signs of jaundice. She had yellow eyes, and her limbs began swelling. Upon consulting a local doctor, she was diagnosed with a liver problem causing jaundice. The doctor referred the family to a hospital in Karnataka. They rushed their daughter to several hospitals desperate for a cure.

"Everywhere we heard the same thing. She had biliary atresia. Her bile duct was blocked. Her liver was failing which meant our daughter was slipping away."

When a cure finally came in sight, it came at a high price

It was hard for Srinivas to see his infant daughter struggle with such a terrible disease. Her stomach began to bloat. She would cry continuously in pain, vomit anything she ate, and lose sleep. Kasai procedure was out of the question, and liver transplant became the only option.

"The doctor told us that there was a way to save her. She needs a liver transplant but it will cost us Rs. 16 lakhs. Now our worry is affordability. I earn Rs. 10000 from a mobile shop, and with this I don't know if I can save my daughter's life."

With nobody ready to lend a helping hand, this family is afraid they will lose it all

Every parent is protective about their first child. Sarita and Srinivas waited for 9 years to have this baby girl. They have spent everything they had on her diagnosis and treatment. Now, without much in their wallets, these parents are pleading everyone they know for help.

"We are feeling frustrated. She is a baby in pain. We can't take stomach ache. Can you imagine how bad it should be for her? Sometimes when she is active, we almost forget our troubles. It all comes back when this rush for money begins again."
Your contribution can give Baby of Sarita a chance at a real life. It can end the pain her entire family has been feeling.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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