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These Parents May Be Forced To Stop The Treatment That Is Keeping Their Newborn Son Alive

We do not know him yet but we love him with all our heart. I would die if I had to ask the doctor to stop the treatment because of lack of money. We need him."

Rameshwari and Ashok were on cloud nine when her pregnancy was confirmed for the second time. They were thrilled with the arrival of the newborn. Rameshwari was determined to opt for a normal delivery. She prioritized child’s health over everything. She looked forward to a smooth journey but life had put her in a terrible situation of watching her baby boy battling for life.

Doctors insisted for a C-section immediately to save both the lives

Rameshwari did not have any problems in the beginning but suddenly she started bleeding. Ashok was terrified that she was having a miscarriage. She was rushed to the emergency room at the local hospital. Doctors insisted that c- section should be done immediately to save the life of her and the baby. Ashok was devastated to hear that he is at the risk of losing two precious lives.

After a lot of complications, a baby boy was born. Unfortunately, his condition was worse, Ashok had no other choice but to leave his wife back in the hospital and rush his newborn baby boy to Aster hospital in Bangalore in an ambulance.

He is so tiny yet he fights for his life

“Since the day my baby boy was born I’m waiting outside the ICU every single day, watching him battle for life. I hope to take him home someday. I can’t imagine going back home without him." – Ashok

Rameshwari had hardly recovered from the pain and trauma of the delivery but she insisted on visiting her baby at the hospital. She was shattered completely on seeing her newborn fighting for life. Her 3-year-old daughter is now at her relative’s place. Rameshwari feels completely lost and helpless about the situation.

Baby needs extensive treatment to survive but they cannot afford it

“Needles, tubes and IV lines obscure my son’s face. I have not even been able to hold him until today. He is not able to breathe. His lungs are not strong enough. His intestines were dying because of infection. He had jaundice, and bleeding in his brain. My heart kept breaking with every word the doctor uttered trying to explain his condition to me.” – Rameshwari

They sleep in the hospital garden as they can't afford to rent a room

The tragedy doesn’t end here, the mounting expense of the treatment had exhausted them physically and emotionally. This is the time where Ramehwari should be taking care of her health but she hardly thinks about it. 

"My husband and I are sleeping in the hospital garden as we can’t afford to rent a room."

Ashok is the sole breadwinner of the family

Ashok works hard to support his wife, children and his elderly parents living in Rajasthan. Now he has no money left to even pay rent. All he can do now is trust in miracles. He does not want to give up hope and is willing to do anything to save his baby’s life.

How you can help

Ashok works in a retail store for a meager salary. He has spent 3.5 lakhs so far by selling everything he owns and borrowing money from his friends. The treatment would require 5 lakhs more. His son needs extensive treatment to survive and without funds, these parents may be forced to stop the treatment.

Please, help them save their baby boy. Only you can help them take him home healthy.

Supporting Document

specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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