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This Couple Needs Your Help To Save Their 4-Month-Old Baby From A Rare Condition

My 4-Month-Old Baby Boy Is Suffering From A Rare Disease

My 4-month-old baby boy is suffering from Leukocyte Adhesion Defect, a rare immuno-deficiency disease. He was diagnosed when he was just a month old.My wife, Shilpa and I were devasted to hear that our new born baby is suffering from a rare disease. With great difficulty, we treated him till now. Fortunately, we got an opportunity to cure him but we need help to do this.

We Lost Our First Child In Three Months

As parents, we went through a difficult time when we lost our first child. The baby was just three months old. Our world came to an end. We didn't get a chance to be with our child for long. The pain of losing a child, only we know what we went through that day. It's not a single day that goes by without wishing that I could have carried our first child one more time in my hands or could have seen the tiny face again before losing him.

My wife didn't speak or cry after she heard that our baby passed away. She could never get over the fact that she lost her baby, her first child. For every woman, the birth of the first child is special. She becomes a mother that day. But my wife's happiness didn't last long. It took us long to realise that this is our fate. But the pain remained.

When my wife conceived again, we were overjoyed. This baby came as a blessing.  We wanted to do everything possible for our son . But, the same fate that took our first child away from us is threatening to take him away too. My wife and I cannot bear to lose this child.

Need Your Help To Help Our Son Stay Alive

He has been on treatment since the first month of his birth. He is undergoing treatment at Narayana Hrudalaya, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bangalore. Since he is suffering from a rare condition, doctors have suggested a bone marrow transplant as a permanent cure. The estimation given for the transplant is 23-25 lakhs which includes the charges for the donor. Since both of us are not a match for him, doctors need to find an unrelated donor. 

We are really worried for our son since he is really small but in order to save his life, this is the only option.

How You Can Help

My father is a farmer and he sold his small piece of land he to help us. Now, we are helpless. We have lost a child once, we don't want to lose our baby again. But, 25 lakhs is a huge amount for us to arrange. Your support will help our baby stay alive.

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