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Savita's Newborn May Need A 3rd Surgery If He Cannot Get PICU Care For The Next Few Weeks

“From the moment I felt the labor pain, there was only one thought in my mind. I was excited about seeing my baby and taking my precious one home. I never pictured a scenario where I would be rushing my baby boy from hospital to hospital trying to save his life when he was just 3 days old.” - Savita
Praveen and Savita’s son was born on March 17th. Savita learned as much as possible from the nurses about child care, but every time she tried to feed her baby boy, he would spit up or cough. She wondered if he was already being playful, until he started vomiting, seizing and thrashing around for air. The family learned that their son was born with his food pipe and windpipe fused as one, and all the milk he was drinking was getting into his lungs.

In 3 days, this baby boy needed a life-saving surgery

At that hospital, Praveen and Savita had no time to consent for a surgery that could split the pipe in two. One for air, one for food. For a few days, he seemed to get better, but suddenly the same symptoms recurred, and they were turned away from every hospital they rushed to. Finally, when they admitted him, they discovered that the newly created food pipe was narrowing, almost choking him again.

“Everything was going into his lungs, and he developed an infection again. They kept him in a box in the ICU so he could recover from pneumonia before having another surgery to fix this defect.” - Savita

All this pain, just to have at least a drop of his mother's milk

Savita’s son could not drink a drop of milk before his first surgery. He was underweight when he was born. After the procedure, he began looking healthy and gained a little weight. They could take him home and to the temple. These parents held on to that hope when he fell sick again, and they prepared for the next surgery.

“I begged my relatives for money. I am in debt of over Rs 6 lakhs, but I thought somehow we could save him. After this last hospitalisation, all the doors have closed and I have no choice but to stop treatment if I don't get help.” – Praveen

He can get better and be healthy, but it is going to take critical care

Barely over a week old, Savita’s baby boy has now been through two surgeries just to help him breathe, and drink milk properly. He needs to be in the ICU. The parents understand that the narrowing may recur for the second time if he does not get proper care for the next few weeks.
“He is on heavy antibiotics to prevent any more infection. If he does not get the time to heal, he will again start having the same problem and would need another surgery. How much more can his body take? We have no option but to see him through this. I need to bring him home healthy but we have no help right now.” - Savita

How you can help

Praveen is an agricultural daily-wage worker from Ambam village in Telangana. Savita is a housewife. The only way he has managed to even keep the family fed was due to the government's employment guarantee scheme. Lacking any options, he is very close to giving up on his baby's treatment despite doctors doing their best to save this little one.

Contribute to help this strong-willed baby survive his birth defect and survive.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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