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My Wife Does Not Know That We Lost One Of Twins And May Lose The Other

It has been just a week my babies were born. It should have been the happiest times of my life but this is the most fragile moments. My wife Dhivya and I waited for 7 long years, we longed to hold the baby in our hands. There were days where Dhivya breaks into tears and I cry in silence. The feeling of emptiness was overshadowed with hopes and dreams when she was finally pregnant.

This new born baby is extremely low weight

On that day, when she was just 7 months pregnant, around 2:30 in the midnight Dhivya shouted in pain. I was terrified, she was holding me firm and she began to sweat. I knew it is not the normal pain. I rushed her to hospital. I was devastated when doctors told me that she needs an urgent c-section. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Doctors said it was twins, doubly blessed! but I did not feel happy about it, I was filled with fear and anxiety. 

Suddenly everything around me became uncertain. My twins were rushed to another hospital within few minutes of birth. My Dhivya was still lying unconscious.

I didn't know if I had to stay next to Dhivya or run to see my twins. Our sons have finally come to this world. When I saw them for the first time, I almost collapsed. They were the tiniest babes I have ever seen and they were fitted with tubes and machines. I waited for 7 years and finally had to see my babies in this condition! What did we do to deserve this?

Parents have lost one of the twins, they are struggling to save this baby

I was not allowed to hold them, I want to shout to the whole universe that I want them and not to take them away from me. I had no time to even stand and grieve. I ran back to see Dhivya. She was all in tears, her eyes were filled with fears and a lot of questions. I told her, "your sons are fine, they just need to be in the hospital for few days. She was overwhelmed with emotions, she was happy that babies are alive but longed to see them.

On the second day, one of the twins, one of my sons left us in pain forever. Even before Dhivya could see her baby, she lost him. She still does not know that she has lost her son. How can I tell her? What will I do if the stitches of her are removed? She is already in pain. She needs to stay strong for herself and for our only son left with us.

Baby needs to be in NICU for 2 more months

I'm running back and forth to the hospital all the day. Dhivya does not secrete enough milk for the baby, she is pumping it out with the help of a machine. My baby is fed via tubes. If Dhivya's health is affected, it'll affect my son also.

As soon as she was discharged, she begged me to take her to the hospital. Till we reached the hospital I didn't know how to manage the situation. She saw the baby and cried uncontrollably. She couldn't bear to see her baby fighting for his life. She asked for another baby, I told he is in ICU and we can't see them.

Mother does not know that she has lost one of her twins

I'm slowly preparing her to digest the tragedy. How can any mother bear the loss of their baby? I'm desperate to save my other baby, only he has the power to heal her pain. He weighs only 862 gms. Doctors are trying to boost up his weight. I can't imagine going with empty hands.

Dhivya has made a space for the twins in our home, only one child is going to occupy the space. If I don't continue the treatment it is forever going to remain empty. Our hearts and home will be empty forever.

Baby's father works a driver for a meagre income

I work as a driver and I earn a meagre income. I have literally spent everything that I had with me. I have exhausted all my savings. I'm not able to be regular at work. My son needs to be in NICU for next 2 months. Treatment requires around Rs 5 lakhs 40k. How can I earn so much in two months? I already have unpaid bills. I have no left no stone unturned in arranging money for the treatment.

Parents cannot afford the treatment

He is my life, Dhivya and I need him. Only your support can help my son to live in this world. Help us to save our only son!

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