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Farmer Who Sold His Land, Home & Furniture To Save His Newborn Twins Yet Cannot Afford The Medical Bills

“I feel like I’m an orphan. My husband and I do not have anyone to even share our sorrows. My twin babies whom I thought will be my world forever are now battling for their lives. I’m allowed to see them only for 5 minutes in a day. I can't bear to see them struggling to breathe. We sold a piece of land we had, which we bought after years of hard work, we sold our house and even the furniture. I don’t have a place to go. If I lose my babies also, there will be no reason for us to live” – Kavitha.

These parents got pregnant after 20 years of marriage

After 20 years of long wait, Kavitha became pregnant. She and her husband Narayanan were thrilled when they found that they’ll soon become parents of twin babies. Kavitha took immense care of her health. Narayanan worked day and night, did all odd jobs to make sure they can buy everything for the babies when they arrive. Little did they know that they would have to spend everything they have to save their lives.

Weighing just about 1Kilo, they are at a serious risk of developing long-term complications

Kavitha got her labor pain during her 7th-month pregnancy. She was terrified when she started to bleed. She was rushed to the hospital and an immediate C- section was done. Even before Kavitha could open her eyes, her twins were taken to  NICU. Both her daughters are extremely premature and low weight, weighing only 1.172 kg and 1.209 kg respectively.

Parents are allowed to see their babies only for 5 minutes in a day

Kavitha’s twin babies are in ICU now and started on mechanical ventilation and other supportive measures. Babies need to be in ICU for 2 more months. Milk is fed via tubes. Kavitha and Narayanan are staying in the hospital ward. They spend sleepless nights, and hardly eat. They are longing to take the babies in there are but are allowed to see them only for 5 minutes.

“I wait for that five minutes the whole day. They are tiny, fitted with tubes all over their bodies. I’m shattered to see them struggling for life. I tried everything that I could but now I have nothing else to sell. There is no money to buy medicines. All I can do now is pray that they stay alive.” – Narayanan.

How you can help

Narayanan is a farmer. He sold the piece of land he had for the treatment and now he has no source of income. He has sold his house as well. Kavitha and Narayanan and trying all that is possible to save their twin babies. These babies undoubtedly need 2 months of NICU stay to survive. It would be terrible for the parents to leave the hospital without the babies. They require Rs 8,40,000 for the treatment. Your support can save Kavitha’s twins and make their dreams come true.

 Your contribution can make it possible for the twin babies to survive

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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