His 13-year-old Daughter Needs A Blood Transfusion Every Single Day, But He Cannot Afford It Anymore. | Milaap
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His 13-year-old Daughter Needs A Blood Transfusion Every Single Day, But He Cannot Afford It Anymore.

Ajit and Sujata have been married for 16 years. Their happiness increased when they welcomed a daughter into their family 13 years ago. Anindita is the light in their lives. This was a small, but happy family. Their lives changed the day that Anindita was slowly dying.

The day that changed Anindita’s life

“It was the 9th of March,” her father recalls. “She was unwell, and when we consulted the doctor, he recommended a few tests. That was how we got to know she had Jaundice. That was where it all started. She recovered from the Jaundice, but her platelet count never got back to normal. We tried everything. Just went about from hospital to hospital, staying for a few days at each one, and watching her condition just worsen. We finally came here to Chennai with the help of some of my friends, and have been here since then. I am just holding on to the hope that one day I will bring my daughter back to the normal life she once led.”
Anindita is suffering from a condition called Aplastic Anaemia. She needs to be given a platelet transfusion every day. The regular transfusion costs over Rs. 20,000 per day.

Ajit and his wife are somehow managing these costs with some money donated by Anindita’s school and teachers before they left their place in Bengal for the treatment.

A class topper and a little artist

Anindita draws very well. She is also good in academics. Ajit proudly shares that she never has to be told to do her homework, she is always up-to-date. Even though her parents don’t know enough to help her with her homework, Anindita loves school, and always tops her class. She misses going to school and keeps asking her mother when she can go back.

A family that struggles to save their only daughter

Being a daily wage worker, Ajit has not been earning any money for over a month now. He has borrowed from friends, relatives and even money-lenders to keep Anindita’s treatment going.

“I am a daily wage worker. I can only eat out of what I earn on any given day. When my daughter first fell ill, I could not imagine it would go on this long, or that I would have to survive without working for so many days. Nobody expects such situations, not when you do not earn enough to even provide for the basic expense of your family,” - Ajit

“Every single day is a struggle. We do not even care whether we have a place to stay, or food to eat. I just want my daughter back. I just want to see her healthy again.”- Ajit

How you can help

Anindita is the light in her parent’s lives. Doctors have told Ajit and Sujata about an Immunotherapy treatment that can cure her. Anindita has a bright future ahead of her- and the bright cheerful child wants to get back to her normal life!

Your contribution will help Anindita live a healthy, normal life.

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