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There'll Be No Other Cure For Her Heart And Lungs If This Baby With Down Syndrome Doesn’t Get Urgent Surgery

We stay up with her all night trying to pacify her. I can’t understand if it’s hunger or pain, but all I know is my baby is always in distress. Her heart is already damaged, she needs the surgery before her lungs also collapse. The damage will be irreversible then and we will lose her forever.

It didn’t take Jayanthi and Nanda long to decide on a name for their beautiful baby girl. They took home a happy bundle of joy. Abigal smiled, cried and even laughed sometimes. Little did they think that their baby would have a monumental battle ahead of her. Not only does 4-month-old Abigal have Down Syndrome, but also two large holes in her heart. Without an urgent surgery, Abigal will succumb to the inevitable end of a diseased heart – death.

The past 4 months have only been pain and discomfort for baby Abigal

I didn’t know what down syndrome was before the doctor told me. Even when we found out, it didn’t change anything for us. We were just happy to have her with us, but soon we found out that she also had a serious heart disease. I can’t think of anything but the pain she must be going through. She’s too young to even tell us what she’s feeling, so all she does is cry. She doesn’t eat or sleep too well."

Abigal's parents are struggling to save their baby

Abigal was on ventilator support 7 days just a few days after her birth because of jaundice. It was then that Jayanthi and Nanda learnt of their baby’s cruel fate. For a long time, they ran from one hospital to another trying to find the cure for their daughter’s heart condition, only to be turned away. When they finally found a silver lining, it was above and beyond what they can afford. Jayanthi and Nanda are now struggling to save their only baby.

Abigal is running out of time - only a heart surgery can save her organs and life

Ever since Abigal’s birth, she’s been in and out of the hospital. With each passing month, her struggles have only increased. Abigal’s heart has two holes, making it difficult for it to pump blood to her lungs. An open-heart surgery can repair her heart and save her lungs from irreversible damage, but Abigal can’t wait any longer – she needs the surgery as early as next week.

“There’s not much we can do now. Our savings are not enough to give our daughter the surgery she needs. My husband is just a painter, and work is never regular. Everyone in my family is a daily wager. We can’t even turn to them for help. We’re just hoping that by some miracle, she can have the surgery and Abigal is saved. This is the only chance my baby has.”

A heart surgery will ensure that baby Abigal has a chance of a future and one less battle to fight.

How You Can Help

Baby Abigal has little time left without an urgent heart surgery. She needs the surgery before it causes irreparable damage to her lungs and other vital organs. Jayanthi and Nanda are desperately trying to save their daughter on a meager income. With your help, Abigal can get the life-saving surgery and go back home in the arms of her parents.

Your support will save baby Abigal’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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