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This 12-year-old Will Survive Only If He Gets A Liver Transplant In The Next 48 Hours

“10 out of 100 people are affected by this condition. My son is one of them. We did not even know. Now if he does not get a new liver within today or tomorrow, we will lose him.”

12-year-old Abhishek is a cheerful and brilliant boy. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in his brain last year. Unfortunately, he developed drug-induced liver injury and is in a critical condition. He needs an emergency liver transplant without which, Abhishek will lose his life.

The first time they came to the city was to save their little boy

Vijayakumari and Ashirvadam have stayed all their life in a small village in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Here, Ashirvadam works in a Church for Rs. 4000/month and supports his family. They have two children – a daughter, Shakeen (16) and a son, Abhishek (12). A year ago, Abhishek began having a persistent fever, severe headache, and disorientation. The local doctor diagnosed him of tubercular meningitis.

“He was on medicines for a year. Recently we noticed that his eyes turned yellow, he stopped eating and if he ate anything he would vomit. For the first time, we had to leave the village and seek a doctor in the city. Kakinada hospital referred us to Hyderabad. We discovered that his liver had been damaged because of the medicines. His life is now in danger.”

They cannot even afford a decent meal or a bed to sleep

Abhishek’s condition is getting worse by the day and he is in the ICU. Their bills are amounting to over a lakh per day, but this family is unable to afford even a decent meal. Abhishek needs a liver transplant within 48 hours to survive this condition. Vijayakumari has been found to be a match for a donor. However, the family is now running around to arrange for funds.

“We had never even been to a city in our lives. Now we are eating from a roadside stall, sleeping on the hospital floor. My parents are helping us with money by taking loans from everyone they know. They are farmers and get a daily wage. My brother is with me, but he is unemployed. We came here with Rs. 1 lakh. Strangers gave us Rs. 1 lakh looking at my son’s condition. We are paying the hospital Rs. 20,000 every day. I’m scared we will run out of money and lose him.”

Time is ticking for Abhishek and the need is growing

Abhishek’s brain is getting affected with every passing moment. The surgery cannot be delayed for more than 48 hours. He is currently on ventilator support. This boy loves school. He spends a lot of time with his sister and now, he is terrified that he will never wake up if he goes to sleep.

“My daughter is with my mother. She does not know what is happening to her brother. Abhishek is not conscious now. He has been scared out of his mind. I can still remember him asking me ‘Amma am I going to die?’ I want to save my son, but I have never seen Rs. 20 Lakhs in all my life!”

How can you help?

An entire family is in the waiting hall of the hospital hoping that this little boy recovers from the most unfortunate situation. They are reaching out to everyone they know to gather money so he can get a new liver in 48 hours.

Your contribution can save Abhishek’s life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.