A small loan from Milaap improved Saherabanu's comfort and | Milaap

A small loan from Milaap improved Saherabanu's comfort and living conditions. Here's how…

Saherabanu purchased a solar lantern 2 months ago. She works at the local day-care centre and her husband is an auto driver. As she and her husband don’t work at home, their work isn’t impacted by the lantern. They use it as an additional lamp during power cuts and therefore didn’t reduce their consumption of kerosene. Nevertheless, when I asked if she had noticed any change in her life since she purchased her lantern, she declared it improved her comfort as she can use it even when it’s raining, which is something she wasn’t able to do with kerosene lamps. Therefore, her daily tasks are now easier for her when it rains. When I mentioned her future, she explained she doesn’t have any future loans planned but is currently saving for her children’s future.

Saherabanu on the left with another borrower during a collection event.

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