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6 Facts About Energy Which Will Leave You In Awe!

 energy facts India is a country where at least 400 million people, mostly in rural areas, have no access to electricity. There are many reasons for this ranging from geography to purchasing power. It is also a country where coal, kerosene, solar energy and diesel jostle each other as power suppliers. Today, Milaap Social Ventures decided to bring you facts about energy you might not have known earlier!1) Nearly 5 lakh people die every year because they use wood/coal-burning cook stoves. Now, people are waking up to newer means of cooking. Biomass cookstoves alone have over 11 varieties.energy2) India now can produce solar energy cheaper than burning diesel. India also receives more solar energy than the entire energy consumption of the country!energy3) Gujarat is the state with top potential capacity for wind energy (can produce upto 35071 mW purely via wind energy). Who knows, if they make use of this, your dhoklas may be made in microwaves run on wind energy :Denergy4) 32% of all primary energy use is produced by biomass at the moment. What you can’t eat, can light your home!biomass5) Tattapani, in the Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh will host India’s first geothermal energy plant. Apart from being known for it’s hot springs, this place is also a famous destination for Hindu pilgrams.energy6) By 2016, India aims to build it’s first thorium powered nuclear reactor.energyDo you want to do your bit to help more Indians gain access to electricity? Bring light to many!