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5 Facts About Tamil Nadu We Bet You Didn't Know!

You know Rajnikanth and you know coffee. You know Puducherry and you know Kodaikanal. Today, Milaap Social Ventures brings to you different facts about this state - Tamil Nadu - the state through our eyes. 1) Corporation restaurants in Chennai, where you get idlis for Re. 1 and curd rice for Rs. 3. Hungry? Ab curd rice kha! (Now eat curd-rice).
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facts about tamil nadufacts about tamil nadu2) You know Latin as one of the oldest languages. But it's dead and gone. Meet the world's oldest living language. Yes, Tamil!Tamil3) Is Kodai too commercial for you? Have you been to Connoor once too often? Visit Kudrevatti, Tamil Nadu's best kept secret!tamil nadu facts tamil nadu facts 4) The words "Lost City" always add a certain mystique to a tale. Tamil Nadu has a lost city too - Puhar!tamil nadu facts5) Chennai's Music and Dance festival is often counted as one of the major festivals of the city, along with Pongal and so on! Home to M.S. Subbalakshmi and Rukmini Devi Arundel, small wonder that the city buzzes with enthusiasm over these art forms. tamil nadu facts Is there something else about Tamil Nadu that you would like featured? Write to us in the comments below! You could also choose to lend to a borrower from this region here.