4 tales of hope: Change the way you look at the world | | Milaap

4 tales of hope: Change the way you look at the world | Milaap Stories

Humans have a universal tendency to hope. No matter what we go through, there's always a tug of hope we feel, however fragile. It is this hope that gets us through the worst of times. Today, Milaap has put together 4 tales of hope where people have overcome the most unbelievable odds and have emerged triumphant. tales of hope1) From refugee to war reporter: Imagine leaving the land of your birth amidst pain and turmoil. Then one day, getting back to that country and giving voice to tales that emerge under the cover of blood and turmoil. Yalda Hakim has turned that imagination into reality.2) A story of life after cancer: Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at , Sadie is now a 23 year old college senior. What makes her tale of survival, grit and hope even more special? She is now a college senior AND a race car driver.3) Kindertrasport - A passage from hell to freedom: Read the tales of children who fled the Nazi regime, and arrived in an unknown land with nothing and nobody, not even their parents. See how they went on to forge lives of their own.4) Battling back - area man is going the distance: Meet Derek - cancer survivor, the receipient of a new heart when his old one was ruined by chemotherapy. He's just completed his second Ironman Triathlon.Do you have personal tales of hope to share? Email it to aditi[AT]milaap[DOT]org or you could also start your own campaigns to raise funds for people in need and be someone's inspiration tomorrow.