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11 signs to show that it's Diwali in India

Diwali’s just round the corner, and it’s time for the country to go a little crazy. At Milaap, we’re sure that you will identify with each of the signs that it is Diwali in India! 1)  You get woken up at 5:30 am by some hyper enthusiastic kid bursting crackersFirst Picture2)   EVERY store has a sale on!Diwali Sale3) If you are walking or riding, someone will start setting up crackers near you. Crackers4) A random neighbor you barely know will show up on your doorstep with sweets. :D 45)  You eat so much, you're scared you won't fit into your new clothes, after all.56) Someone in your neighborhood will keep setting off bijlis intermittently. Seriously, why?mktg 7) Come sundown, and the world around you has the prettiest lightsDiwali Decoration8) AND so does the most gorgeous sky (even if you can see the thick, black smoke!)Diwali Lights9) Every dog in your neighborhood is cowering in a quiet corner, and praying for peace.910) While your cat sits unconcernedly amidst the crackers..1011) At the end of three days, the world is too quiet to be true!11 The countdown to Diwali has started. Come and celebrate Diwali with us, and you could provide light to an entire family for life in India. Click here to know more.