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World Diabetes Day - 14 November

To Fight the Unknown Threat
It is just basic human nature that if any disease is a common prevailing one or does not cause any major bodily changes or difficulties, we no longer consider it a disease. One such illness is diabetes. For a layman, it is one of those conditions that become a part of their lives due to family history or genes. Neither people who have diabetes hardly worry about it nor those who don’t have it, take any precautions to save themselves from joining the league. What the disease actually is, its types, how and why it happens, how fatal it could be – people have no clue.  
While the world observes Diabetes Day on the 14th of November every year, we through this article bring to you all the dimensions of this day and diabetes. To make you understand the gravity of this day let us first simplify for you that what diabetes actually is.Every edible that we consume has some amount of sugar content in it – be it the natural sugar in milk or added sugar in products like biscuits etc. To utilize this sugar or to use this sugar as an energy source the body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone which controls the level of sugar in our body by using it to give energy. If enough amounts of insulin are not produced, then the sugar in the body cannot be converted into energy and thus the sugar level rises in our body. This whole process of sugar not being utilized due to low amounts of insulin is known as diabetes.

We are sure that now you can relate why people diagnosed with a high level of diabetes use injections of insulin every morning. The day marks the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with his team, first conceived the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1922. Led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), this day was launched in 1991 with the World Health Organization. Every year IDF comes up with a theme to focus on, but the root cause remains the same – to make people understand, to help them cure and to make them aware about this rapidly growing disease.
This year the theme is Women & Diabetes. According to IDF, over 199 million women are living with diabetes and this number is projected to increase to 313 million by 2040. The major concern is that 3/4th of the affected might still not be aware that they have diabetes. While it affects everyone equally, it could prove to be fatal in case of women who are pregnant or might be conceiving soon. This not only affects the mother-to-be but the newborn's life too. This disease proves to be doubly dangerous for women and girls because many other factors such as socio-economic conditions and barriers to treatment and medical help make for a hindrance. What people need to be made aware of is, that this disease and its effects can be controlled to an extent by adopting some healthier habits.Another fact that is unknown to many is that there are 2 types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 – the case where body releases little or no insulin is Type 1 diabetes and the case where the body cannot properly use the insulin that is released is Type 2 diabetes.  The most prevailing amongst women is Type 2. For women at their reproductive age, diabetes can be the reason for complications from conceiving to the delivery of the baby.  
World Diabetes Day (WDD) provides a platform for people with diabetes, doctors, organizations, the public, media, and governments to unite and raise awareness to aid improvement of those affected or at risk. While a group of people anywhere can organize activities to raise awareness, one also can promote their activities on the official WDD website. It makes for an unmatched platform by connecting everyone on the global front.
Proper and routine check-ups, small and doable change in the diet can go a long way in keeping the risk of Type 2 diabetes at bay. It is a myth that people with diabetes should completely avoid eating fruits as these contain natural sugars. One just needs to be wise in their choice of diet; eating a whole lot of vegetables, small servings of fruits, whole wheat products, poultry and low-fat dairy is advised. Also, one should always indulge in some kind of light physical activity like brisk walking, running or even yoga.
We hope that we have equipped you with ample of knowledge and facts about diabetes and have clearly laid out the dimensions of this chronic disease. So, the need of the hour is for you to help yourself or any other fellow who is affected by this rapidly spreading illness. Remember, precaution and cure are always in our own hands!
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