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Women Entrepreneurship: Nandaben redefines the term!

She is the leader of a 5-woman group called the Harsidhdhi Mahila Mandal and runs a business right from her home...meet Nandaben Jethabai Rawat. She hails from a village called Zundal near Gujarat's capital, Gandhinagar and she redefine the term women entrepreneurship.
Nandaben, sells blankets, bed-sheets, quilts and pillow cases to people from her village and also at times to neighboring villages.
It had all started 2 and a half years back when Nandaben had the dream of starting her own venture. Though she initially started out without taking any loans, she was barely able to make ends meet with her meager revenue. Since she did not have enough money to purchase materials from the wholesale market, she was not able to churn any profits.
After 6 months of facing utter hardship and disappointment, Nandanben took a loan from Milaap for Rs Rs.10,000 and eventually raised it to Rs 15,000. After starting these Milaap loan cycles, Nandaben was able to buy more blankets, quilts and pillow cases directly from the manufacturer and reaped the benefits if it in terms of more profits.
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All this while she had been reselling materials, now she has another dream...that of being able to purchase raw materials at wholesale rates, stitch quilts and blankets herself and sell them. She wants to expand her business to towns and cities thereby reaping more profits. It is an honor to meet such women who serve as great role models for others. You can help several other such women who are thriving to achieve the unthinkable.