Woman | Milaap



A Woman is You.
A Woman is Me.
A Woman does not have to become strong, she is born strong.
Does society make her weak?

No. A Woman can never be made weak
At least not by a society that is so fragmented and fragile.
A Woman is Power.
Yes. Say that again, slowly- ‘ A Woman is Power ’
Say it one more time. Say it till it pierces your bones and cuts through your soul and rages the young girl.
Of course, you know that a woman is gentle, loving and kind.
But isn’t gentle, loving, and kind meant for all – Men and Women?

Oh, Woman! If only you realized how strong you are, you’d be able to control.
You’d be able to control that man who tells you that you are flawed and not enough in the sweetest
way possible.
You’d be able to control that other strong woman who has been corrupted by a weak society
And only spreads fear and indulges in a cacophony.

Woman, I must tell you, be disciplined.
Yes.  Disciplined in your thoughts and decisions.
Let me warn you, confused people come clad in an armour of glory and halo of certainty.
It’s all a farce. They’ve never been their own. They cannot tell you what you must and what
you mustn't.
It would be pointless to tell you that you’re free to make your choices and live with your head held
high if you’re not disciplined.
I hope you understand now why you need it.

Do you hear me?
I feel like I am the commander and you, my soldiers.
But we are not prepping for war.
We are preparing to dodge, to swerve through the bullets that will be fired by traitors.
Being at a threat around your own is more dangerous than war with strangers.
So Soldiers! Be belligerent.  Be prepared.  Be aware. Be cautious
Some just want to drain you.

you’re like the tiniest spark of fire that can burn a whole forest when dry.
And you still feel weak? You still feel scared?
Do you realize how dangerous you could be?
You do realize how dangerous it is to play with fire, don’t you? You little spark of Fire!

Stand straight with your shoulders back and chin up.
Look at them in the eye when they stare at you.
Look at them when they least expect it.
A goon once killed his master and  a tiger walked past that site,
The goon did not shudder although his heart skipped a beat.
He looked into the eye of the tiger, he looked with valiance.
The tiger left, yes that mighty tiger left without authority as if he had never seen the goon ever.

So Woman,
You too must learn to look at the lookers-on with valiance.
I am penning this down not to educate you about the things you already know
What you must know is this –
You do not need words like strong, fierce, winner, courageous, brave to be attached to who you are
To feel that way.
You are a Woman. And the day God chose you to be one, you were already all that.
So when I say ‘ Woman’!
Chin up and smile.