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Where culture meets the stands of technological modernization

The morning alarm went off and it took my sleep away. With half sleepy eyes, my hands quickly scrolled down on my phone but suddenly it stopped. It was the date which put me into a realization that I have survived a fortnight in this theoretically unfamiliar place. Well, the clouds of my past few days seem to play distinctively alive as I lay back to relive the aroma of my recent experiences.

The thrill and curiosity doubled as I stepped in Ahmedabad. I was an anxious newcomer in the city who jittered about the language barriers. The conversation between myself and the cab driver would cover any term’s syllabus as it covered numerous topics. I quickly made this newly acquainted person my language teacher for a while and picked up certain Gujarati words such as ‘sue che’ meaning how are you, ‘majama’ meaning I all alright, ‘saru’ meaning all good and ‘barobar’ meaning perfectly alright.

It took me around forty minutes before I found myself within the premises of Trimandir in Gandhinagar, where one would find me for the next couple of months. There was this huge complex named as Business Park which stood right in front of me and which would be my workplace for a while. They had their office placed on the third floor of this building.

Back at the office, I somehow managed to occupy the best seat beside this huge glass window. My dreams and my thoughts start to get trapped with nature by the vision from this enormous glass window.

The origin of Mystical yet Technical township

The heart of this township circles around a temple popularly known as ' Trimandir ' and it seems that veins have stretched itself and formed the very base of this township.The founder of the Trimandir is Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan (November 8, 1908 – January 2, 1988), who was born as Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, affectionately known as Param Pujya Dadashri. He remained one-pointedly focused on 'his search for eternal truth and self-realization'. Before passing, he blessed Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai with siddhis required to conduct Gnan Vidhi ceremonies. Since then, both of them have continued Param Pujya Dadashri’s mission to awaken sincere seekers towards self-realization and moksha (Liberation of the Soul from the cycle of birth and death).

This Temple itself stands over wide premises and it acts as a protecting graduation for everyone in this township. Every object within this township seems to chant the holy name of Dada Bhagwan and follow is shown paths. People greet each other by gladly saying 'Jai Sachidanand ' meaning pure awareness of the eternal bliss.

Trimandir standing with its head held  high as a protecting guardian

Know more about the people

It is a said fact that people here are the beads of the same string. The holding and the binding force is their love and believe towards Dada Bhagwan and his teachings. This spiritual embedment helps them to lead a peaceful and composed life.

"We shifted from Mumbai to Trimandir for a steady and a happier life and now it has been five years that we are running dwelling here with the golden happy days of our lives" - says one of the active inhabitants. The long stretch of roads not only sees the cluster of devotees but also the huge gathering of daily wages laborers who come with their families for earning their subsistence. The proverb ‘ simple living but high thinking’ is the best way to describe the inhabitants of this township and it is this harmonious way of living that has attracted the crowd.

The daily wage laborers having a great gossip scraping some time from their busy schedule

Cleaning work in progress

The high social security

Amidst all other fascinating facts, this place provides a secure environment for women and support actively towards their empowerment. " My daughters roam around the township freely even during nights and there are no worries about it " - said Shruti, a proud mother of three adolescent girls.

Girls here from a very young age tries to enhance their skills in various creative sectors and arts along with their engrossing studies.The present scenario which circles around inflicting various types of oppression and violence upon women catches an eye of concern for people dwelling in this township. " We want to welcome all women to this safe place so that they can lead a peaceful and empowered life "- stated by one of the watchmen who monitors the township. The township is divided into sectors which are subdivided into wings and each sector has a strict all around security with advanced technical equipment.

Modernity parallels spirituality

This township has seen a bounty of high technology growth and expansion over the years and aims to reach the apex of advancement in the next upcoming years. This place has the perfect blend of high-speed growth nurtured by the values of spirituality and eternal truth. Comprising of residential complex to highly equipped business towers this place can be very well labeled as a model township. Beautiful cleaned structured and well-lighted roads surrounded by numerous tall storied buildings, various recreational centers clubbed with a shopping mall uplifts the place with a different genre. The establishment of various restaurants has attracted a wider crowd and opened the new of opportunity of exploring new ventures for the people.

But despite this speedy advancement, dwellers here chooses to lead a very simple life filled with joy, happiness, peace and sharing the acquired holy knowledge of the eternal truth of content to others. The township has its own travel services which flow at every hour around all the sectors which is eventually connected to the Trimandir.

The tall storied buildings denoting speedy advancement
Coming back to my present day, it is quite a privilege to get acquainted with a place which has maintained a balanced between its advancement and the wellness of the people. Viewed within, it is an elated and peaceful world among the gigantic creation.

Thus visiting this place would be a cherishable experience one can always feel content about. The place holding the truth of eternal happiness welcomes everyone.