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What you didn't know about Diwali!

The Festival of Lights is nearly here. We know you are in the midst of a welter of last minute work, shopping, buying sweets and crackers. But is this all Diwali is about? At Milaap, decided to bring you some of the stories that lie behind the surface that we all see. Gold – Yes, Danteras is the day that gold stores wait for. The day that most women welcome and men dread, according to stereotype. The most auspicious day to buy gold. But did you know that this day actually began as Dhanvantari Trayodasi? It is also the day that people pray to Lord Yama to ask for protection from an untimely death.1_dhanterasGambling – Bring it on, teen-patti addicts. This is the one day that people will look on you with approval and join in. Lore decrees that Parvathi played dice with Shiva on this day, and she said that anybody who gambles on this day will experience a prosperous year.Gambling_2Business-time – It is that time of the year when businessmen open their new accounts after performing Lakshmi puja in their office spaces. They pray for prosperity in the coming year.Lakshmipuja_3Sister-love – Mythology has it that on this day Lord Yama visited his sister, Yamuna and granted her a boon – anybody who visited her on this day would attain moksha (salvation). Now, brothers make it a point to visit their sisters, who mark their affection with a tilak smear on the brothers’ forehead.Bhaidooj_4Good over evil – Diwali is the time of celebrating the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. It is supposed to be the time that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya, that the Emperor Bali’s arrogance was crushed, that the Asura Naraka was vanquished. According to Jains, this festival marks Lord Mahavira attaining nirvana.Diwali_5Do you want to do something different this Diwali? You can choose to light up, not only your home, but the home of someone who has no light. Click here to know more.