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Website Development Updates


Last two months we have been working on the new version of the Milaap website.The major reason to come up with a V2 was to make the website beyond a purely transactional website (where you come & make a loan & go away) to something where you can actually track your loans, get updates on how your borrowers are doing and what impact your loans are creating on the ground. In addition, we also plan to make the whole doing-good experience more social – imagin

e the impact you can make if not only you, but many of your friends – both online & offline also make loans on Milaap because they heard about it from you – that will win you some good karma in heaven! J

For the first month, the site development was slow as we were constantly struggling with new design and going through multiple iterations of the sitemap, the various use cases, content pages - what information will be dynamic, what will be static etc. etc.

Last three weeks has seen some solid development and testing happening and finally we can see some things coming together.Our borrower profile listing page is 90% done – except for some UI issues. We have all the filters up & running. We have added a bit of performance enhancement here. The borrower listing data is actually cached at the browser end upon first load. Subsequently, any sorting and filtering done by the user on the loan types or loan urgency is completely handled by the client browser with no communication with the server. This ensures that the results are shown much faster – giving a much better user experience.


Next up is tweaking pre-payment & post payment pages to ensure that a lender can use the money repaid to him by previous borrowers to help new borrowers. More on that in the next post!