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Help this single mother save her 6 year old son

Laxmipriya takes her everyday bus to reach Maruthi showroom in Bhanpur, Cuttack. Answering calls, replying to mails and attending her customers and its 6pm. She closes her ledger, switches off the computer and joins the line at the bus stop. First look at Laxmi’s life, it all seems routine and ordinary. But take a closer look and you will see the struggles of single mother trying to make ends meet in the small city of Bhubaneswar.  

Laxmipriya (or Gunni as her friends affectionately call her) works in a Maruthi showroom. A love marriage against their families wishes, moved her life into the bylanes of GGP colony, Rasulgarh. But she was okay with it all. Because the very marriage gave her two wonderful sons. Guddu (11) and Vineet (6). "Guddu is a tomboy, but my Vineet is the sensitive one who fusses over me. He is happy to quietly play in the corner of room. But he is the first one to come running trying to lift grocery bags heavier than him. Every time he sees me tired or low, he presses my head or feet, wishing to show me that he wanted my pain to go away," Laxmi recounts. 

Between hanging on and letting go, she chose to start over for her 2 sons.

Choosing to give her sons the life she had planned for them, she decided to start over.  As a single mother. Strong and determined to create a beautiful life for the family of three. From the very scratch.  She knew she had no one to lend her a hand but neither did she want to count on anyone. Applied for a loan. Took up a job. Bought a room on rent. Today, 4 years later, this single mother has managed to sent her sons to one of the best school in the city. But just when life was getting happier each day, January of 2016 steered her life into unexpected struggles. 

One fall left Vineet senseless and his mother helplessly numb.

“It was Saturday. Vineet had sprained his leg earlier that week. It was half day in school, so I let them take a day off. I left for work like every other day. I had just reached work. Around 10am, I got a call from my landlord saying the boys were playing and they heard a sudden scream. Vineet had fallen on his head and had been senseless for 10 minutes. They rushed him to the closest hospital but as he wouldn't regain consciousness and the hospital's CT machine out of order, he was taken to Apollo Hospital. I reached there and even before I could understand what had happened, the doctors told me to sign consent forms for an urgent brain surgery,” related Laxmi.

Vineet was rolled into an emergency decompressive craniotomy, where a part of his skull was removed to accommodate the injury-related swelling in his brain. Doctors concluded that the injury had put him into a coma. The swelling has not subsided. Therefore the skull cap has not been re-attached yet. Vineet has been on ventilator ever since. Though other complication are occurring, doctors are sure he will fully recover within 6-9 months.

“I earn 12,000 a month. How do I arrange for 35,000 every day to keep his treatment going?”

Vineet has been in the hospital since January 16, and along with him every day has been Laxmi. Her childhood friends helped her raise Rs 16 lakhs by reaching out to Vineet’s school and neighbourhood. The whole community came together to help this single mother save her son. Though, Apollo provided the best care for Vineet, Laxmi cannot afford the everyday expenses anymore. An average of 30,000 - 35,000 INR is required for the ICU care and additional sum for tests and medicines that follow. Which is why Vineet was shifted Ashwini Trauma Hospital on April 20.

“I want the best for my son. But I earn 12,000 a month. How do I arrange for 35,000 every day to keep his treatment going? With house rent of 6,000 and school fees of 3,000 every month, I have barely saved anything in last 4 years. I spent nights at the hospital and go to work in the day. As much I want to be by his side every moment, I want to bring home every penny I can for his treatment. But every time my phone rings when I am in the office, I can’t explain the sinking feeling in my chest.” says Laxmi, with her eyes welling up as she recalled her son's fall.   

How can you help?

His mother's hope and comfort, Vineet needs to be in intensive care for at least the next three months. He is already showing signs of slow recovery. After the injury in his brain heals completely, he will need a brain surgery to fix the skull cap and close the exposed brain matter. The ICU care and surgery requires Rs 24 lakhs. Having exhausted all the help Laxmi could get from her friends and community, she is now desperately seeking help.  It's not easy for a parent to see his child fight complications this grave. Your support will save her son. Your contribution can help Laxmi save her son. 

Funds collected will be transferred to the hospital towards his transplant expenses and all supporters will receive regular updates on Vineet’s progress.

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