Venilla saves hours because of her new water pipe | Milaap

Venilla saves hours because of her new water pipe

I met Venilla at her house in a village in rural Tiruchirappalli. She leads a Joint Liability Group of five members formed by GUARDIAN, Milaap's partner, for the purpose of getting water connections in their respective homes. Venilla was home having lunch with her husband when I dropped by at around 2 in the afternoon. I apologized for the interruption by she just smiled and said she was almost done in an attempt to not embarrass me. We sat down outside her house and chatted for a few minutes. She told me she has two children, both of whom attend the local Government school. Her husband works at the government run wine shop/bar. It's been 13 months since her group took the loan. They pay a monthly installment of Rs.325 every month. She says with a monthly income of Rs.5,000, her family manages to meet their liabilities. The water connection has been worth the investment. Earlier she used to wait in line for hours to get drinking water from the common pipe in her locality. Besides that she'd also have to queue up to get water for other household and private needs. Now that she has a pipe in her backyard, she saves a lot of time and energy. Her husband and children also get ready on time to attend to their respective businesses. Life has been made much simpler now for her family because of Venilla's initiative.

Venilla and her water pipe