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4-Year-Old Who Came Back From The Verge Of Death Once Is Now Fighting For His Life Again

No parent can describe what it’s like to see their child die in front of them – and I thought this was it. But my son, Vansh fought against all odds. He beat cancer, he fought death, and we thought the worst was behind us. It was a miracle he survived. Unfortunately, after all the pain he’s been through, we discovered that his fight wasn’t over just yet. His cancer is back to haunt him.” – Nagesh Mote, father

4-year-old Vansh is suffering from the crumbling effects of blood cancer for the second time within just a year. He has fought hard but his body is slowly giving up and receiving an urgent bone marrow transplant is his last hope of survival. His parents can’t stop fearing the worst because Vansh is quickly running out of time and they don’t even have the resources to keep him in the hospital for a day.

They said he won't make it to the next morning

“In March this year, he suddenly started bleeding from his nose in the morning. It did not stop all day and in the evening he was so weak that the doctor said that there is no chance that he will survive. He couldn’t move and he was unconscious in the ICU. Despite everything, he lived.” – Nagesh

Since that day, Vansh’s skin has started peeling from different areas on his body. He has been down with 104 fever which left him terribly weak. He spent weeks in the hospital due to a severe infection. He’s been through all of this and more after he was first diagnosed with cancer last year. He just can’t go on like this without a bone marrow transplant.

‘My 4-year-old son is the strongest person I know’

Like every 4-year-old, Vansh likes to play. He used to love playing cricket and cycling. Vansh now can’t run around like he used to, but ever so often, he builds bricks on the hospital bed or sits in the playroom of the hospital trying to relive the childhood he once had.

“He has been through so much, but Vansh is a resilient boy. His body might be giving up on him, but he hasn’t stopped fighting. He rarely complains, and when he smiles I feel like he is the strongest person I know. My son is 4, and he has fought death once. He can do it again with your help.” – Swapnali (Vansh's mother)

There's not enough money to care for 3 children

“Swapnali and I have two daughters too – Sharwany (10) and Trisha (8). They’re Vansh’s lifeline and they try to keep him happy all the time. I don’t know how we’ve managed all these months. All the money went to Vansh's treatment. I don't have enough for my daughters' school fees and even to buy food. My friends have helped me as much they could and we’ve borrowed from every trust and person possible. There’s nowhere left to go. His time in the ICU recently cost us over Rs. 1.5 lakh and after that we’re left with no savings.” – Nagesh

Before all this began, Nagesh worked in a private company earning Rs. 12,000 a month. With 4 family members to feed, he barely made ends meet. After Vansh was diagnosed, he couldn’t leave Vansh’s side and he’d receive only Rs. 5000 as salary. He can’t even afford their journey to the hospital which costs over Rs. 500. Now, with Vansh running out of time, he needs Rs. 33 lakhs to save him but Nagesh feels helpless and lost.

Vansh Can’t Survive Without Your Help

4-year-old Vansh has been tormented with blood cancer for over a year. Any hopes of recovery were completely shattered by his relapse. His parents, Nagesh and Swapnali, can’t help but tear up every time they’re in the hospital.

Vansh has come back from the verge of passing away but now, with his condition worsening, he can’t do it again without an urgent bone marrow transplant. His parents need Rs. 33 lakhs to save his life and Vansh won’t make it without your support.

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