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Help Usha Get a Bone Marrow Transplant

Siddaraju, a factory worker is leaving no stone unturned in saving her daughter’s life. In the meantime, he is also trying his best to make ends meet and provide for his wife and son. His financial aid is running out and he needs your help. 

Siddaraju talks about how her 18-year-old daughter has always been a brilliant child. Not only has she been great at academics, but she has also won several competitions. “Today, she cannot even walk for five minutes straight without getting tired. She needs to frequently take breaks. She had no other option but to stop attending college,” says Siddaraju.  

Usha Has a Good Chance of Survival

Siddaraju and his wife Manjalu live in Chikkabanavara, 30 kms from Bengaluru. They have seen their daughter go through immense pain. Usha was diagnosed with aplastic anemia when she was eight years old, and she has been defying the odds with a smile ever since. She, then had to undergo a treatment for two months.

The treatment worked wonders and Usha’s condition improved drastically. However, the happiness was short-lived. This year, in Feb, she started showing the same symptoms of illness.

She developed an intense pain in her joints, making it impossible for her to walk to college. She lost all her strength. A series of tests confirmed that she was suffering from aplastic anaemia. Her body isn't producing enough new blood cells and she can't fight infection or illness very well. Her relapse made it clear that she was never completely free of the disease.

Usha’s Parents Have Exhausted All Their Savings

Siddaraju is the sole bread-winner of the family.  Till date, he has spent around Rs 6 lakhs for her treatment, and now he just cannot afford that kind of money anymore. The overall treatment is a pricey exercise. Usha’s parents needs Rs 1,500,000 for the treatment.

He has taken loans even from his relatives and friends. The condition is such that Siddaraju cannot even make the ends meet, let alone paying money for his daughter's treatment or his son’s education.

Usha Requires the Life-Saving Bone Marrow Transplant

Usha is making the most of life and smiling as much as possible. She loves spending time with her family, but life hasn’t been easy for her.

As advised by her doctor Dr.S.K Gupta, HCG, Bangalore, she needs a bone marrow transplant immediately. Thankfully, the right donor match has been found. To perform the bone marrow transplant, the doctors have given the estimated cost of about approximately Rs 21,000,000.

“Her teachers have also been very supportive. In fact, they will be conducting make-up classes for her once she gets back,” Siddaraju says.

How You Can Help

Usha’s parents have been by her side, and trying to ensure everyday has good times to counter the bad. She needs your support to get a bone marrow transplant. Her family needs your help to save their daughter. Donate here

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