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This Autowalla Is Running Out Of Time To Save His 6-month-old Baby From Liver Failure

“He used to keep crying all the time. But in the last one month, the crying has stopped and that change is much more scary.”
Umeshwar's liver condition was caught a few months late, but those few months mean a battle between life and death for this 6-month-old baby. Jithendhar (father) is an auto-driver in a village and his son's bad health has brought him to Hyderabad for treatment. Jithendhar and his wife Shravanthi are worried sick for their baby – who is critically ill and awaiting a liver transplant.

Umeshwar is in the last stages of liver disease

Umeshwar is his parents' first child. He was born with yellowed eyes and his parents thought he had jaundice which is pretty common in newborns. They gave their baby ayurvedic supplements and herbal medicine, but his condition only got worse. By the time he was 3-months old, his liver was completely damaged. Now, 6-months-old, his parents spend all day and sleepless nights doing everything they can to save him. 
Baby Umeshwar has yellow eyes and skin and is in the last stages of liver disease
“The doctor gave me a form to fill to apply for some government schemes. I have the form but I haven't managed to write in it. Umeshwar needed new blood, so I had to go to the blood bank and bring it back. Then I arranged for documents. There is so much tension – we both are no longer able to decide what is priority,” explains Jithendhar.

Umeshwar has Biliary Atresia and it has turned critical. He needs an immediate liver transplant to survive. He has become dull and lethargic, barely moving or eating. His stomach is painfully swollen and his stool is white unless it is black with blood. The only end to his suffering is an immediate liver transplant.
Baby Umeshwar is too sick that even mild crying leaves him exhausted 

Jithendhar has tried everything to keep Umeshwar's treatment going

Jithendhar is an auto-driver in his village in Telangana, earning Rs 6,000 if he has managed to find work all day, every day. He always wanted to visit the city, but never imagined that his son's terrible health is what would finally bring him to Hyderabad. His wife has been working as domestic help in the village to arrange funds for treatment.

Jithendhar has borrowed as much as he could and managed to pay bills worth Rs 3 lakhs. He needs another Rs 16 lakhs for the liver transplant that will make Umeshwar better. His voice shakes in despair every time he mentions the amount he needs to save his son. It is simply beyond his means.

“Every time we pick him up now, we are very aware of the time that is running out for us. He used to cry so much – he must have been in a lot of pain. He is so dull now – we stay awake night and day thinking of all the things we should have done to help him.”
It has been a very difficult time for these first-time parents. They are weighed with guilt and want to do everything they can to save their baby. But all the determination in the world cannot save baby Umeshwar if his parents don't arrange funds for his liver transplant. 

How you can help

Umeshwar's liver is completely damaged and the only thing the doctors can do is manage his condition till he gets a new liver. His parents have sold off their small farm and asked everyone for help. They are desperate for some help saving their only baby.

Your contribution can give these parents some much-needed support in their uphill struggle. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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