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Mother Refuses To Eat And Is Slipping Into Depression Because She Cannot Afford To Save Her Premature Babies

My wife, Vijaya, has stopped eating altogether after our twins' birth. She just stares at our babies all day; she longs to hold them but they are covered in tubes. She hardly talks either. Even if she does, all she can say is, ‘Please do something, please save them’. I promise her I will and try to calm her, but deep inside I know I cannot arrange the money for that.”-Gopal.

Vijaya felt that she was the happiest woman in the world when she found out she was going to be a mother

Vijaya and Gopal were married in 2012. They were perfect for each other and family life was bliss. They wanted a child to complete their lives, but sadly Vijaya was not able to conceive for a long time. And after 5 years when she finally did, her happiness knew no bounds.

“I really couldn’t believe it! Seeing that positive sign on the pregnancy test gave me a sense of satisfaction, because I had been dreaming of being a mother for such a long time. I made sure that I ate well and got enough rest, and most importantly prayed to God to keep my babies safe in my womb. Little did I know that they would come to the world, struggling to survive and barely alive.”-Vijaya with tears in her eyes.

An unexpected stomach pain brought her children early into the world at just 31 weeks of pregnancy

One day, Vijaya woke up screaming in the middle of the night. A piercing tummy pain had taken over her, and she was sweating profusely. Gopal immediately rushed her to the hospital because things did not look right at all.

“The doctors told us that Vijaya had to give birth immediately or our babies would die inside the womb. It was so unexpected – our children, a baby girl and baby boy were born prematurely. They were barely alive.”-Gopal.

Both the babies were not only extremely underweight but had many birth complications that they’re battling to this day

“Our baby boy and girl only weighed 1 kg and 1.4 kg respectively. Both had breathing troubles and trouble establishing feeding, but my boy’s condition is worse than his sister’s. He had a severe infection which caused swelling in his tummy. They were so tiny and looked so helpless in their incubators. How could such small babies survive, I'm crying in silence every minute.”-Vijaya.

Gopal cannot bear to see his children struggle for survival or their mother losing her health because of stress

Vijaya was still groggy from her anesthesia when she got to know that her children are in a bad state. She hasn’t rested well or even closed her eyes for a bit after her delivery. Her children’s well-being is all she can really think of now. This has taken a serious toll on her mental health.
“On one hand, my children are fighting to even breathe on their own, and on the other, my wife has totally given up on her health. She eats half-an-apple sometimes and drinks some water. This is her food for an entire day. She wants to be near the children all the time. When she tries to sleep, images of the children covered in tubes come in front of her eyes. I don’t know what to do. Slowly, I feel I will lose my sanity.”-Gopal.

How you can help

Gopal works as a salesman in a private company in Chennai and was earning enough to provide 3 full meals for his family. He believed that he could borrow the money required for Vijaya’s delivery and pay it back later. He was not expecting his children to come early into this world, accompanied by so many complications. Now, even if he wants to, he cannot afford to save them because the amount required for it is 100 times what he had kept aside.

“My son has a deadly infection that can spread to the rest of his body and cause multi-organ failure if he does not get proper treatment. My girl is better, but she has also not crossed the danger mark. They will die if I do not get their treatment going; but I have no savings or property. Life is a total mess right now. I think I will lose my wife too, if something happens to the babies. I need help."-Gopal.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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