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Akshaya Was Pregnant With Five Babies But She Is Fighting To Save The Two Who Lived

“We really wanted to have children, and we did everything that needed to be done to keep my wife and the babies safe. Despite all our efforts, they’re fighting for their lives.”

Akshaya and Mayur had been waiting to welcome their twins into this world when things took an unexpected turn. Due to complications, Akshaya had to opt for a premature delivery just 5 months from the pregnancy. Their twins, a boy, and a girl were born severely underweight and very weak. They also have serious respiratory problems and have been put on ventilator support and will need a prolonged stay in the ICU for at least 3-4 weeks in order to survive.

They found that Akshaya was pregnant with five babies

When Akshaya and Mayur discovered that they were going to be parents, their joy knew no bounds. But before they could fully enjoy their happiness, they got a big shock. They were going to have five babies. The news was so shocking that they didn’t know how to react. Although they wanted to be parents, they were definitely not ready for the responsibility of having five children.

Before they could make up their mind about the pregnancy, they lost one of the fetuses to a natural miscarriage. The second time they went for the sonogram, the doctors told them, that although Akshaya is carrying four babies, both, her and her babies’ health would be at a serious risk if they decided to have all four. Hence Mayur and Akshaya decided to medically abort two more of their fetuses so that at least the other two will have a fair shot at survival.

After going through all these hurdles, Mayur and Akshaya were prepared for a complicated pregnancy. But nothing had prepared them for what happened next. Barely a few weeks into her second trimester, the mouth of her womb opened, causing Akshaya to start bleeding. She was immediately taken to the hospital where her doctor internally stitched the opening so that there would be no further complications in the pregnancy. But this happened twice again, and the third time, the doctors told them that internal stitches will pose a major risk to Akshaya’s life and hence they would need to go for a premature delivery.

The complexity of the situation scared them, but a premature delivery was the best shot they had, and they opted for it. Their twins were born extremely weak and underweight, with severe respiratory problems. Since birth, they have been kept in the Neonatal ICU, on ventilator support and intravenous nutrition. The babies condition is so bad that they can’t even breastfeed until at least 4 weeks. This whole episode threw Mayur and Akshaya off balance and they don’t know how to save the lives of their little ones.

Akshaya and Mayur are not ready to give up their hopes on their babies. After such a long and painful wait, they are willing to do all it takes to save their children from a dismal fate. Pregnancy and childbirth have been a nightmare for these first-time parents and, now they are again fighting and praying for their infants’ lives.

Although both Mayur and Akshaya both have jobs, both their salaries put together can’t cover the medical expenses needed to save their children. In the past 10 days, they have spent a whopping Rs 8 lakhs towards their treatment and need a lot more to bear the expenses of the intensive care at the NICU of the hospital.

How you can help

Both Akshaya and Mayur are desperately trying to arrange funds for their babies’ treatment, but they have run out of sources. These new parents were eager to start their family, but their dreams have turned unbelievably sour. Now, to save their children, they need your help.

Only your contribution can help them get their babies back.  

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