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I've Become A Father After 14 Long Years, But Now I Can't Even Hold My Twins

“I have never felt so helpless ever in my life. My wife is still recovering from the delivery and my twin babies are struggling for their lives. I have become a father after 14 long years of wait but look at me now - I haven’t even held them in my arms once. The doctors have told me that without treatment they will not survive. I'm running to everyone to try and afford their treatment but I am afraid that all my efforts won’t be enough,” - Jai Prakash, father.

We know the pain of losing a child - we don’t want to go through the same, again

Jai Prakash and Meenu had always longed for a child of their own. There was not one temple in Jodhpur where they had not prayed for a child. The couple had almost lost hope when they got to know about IVF. Jai Prakash put in extra hours of work, borrowed from relatives and even mortgaged Meenu’s jewelry to afford the treatment. Lakhs were spent but when Meenu had a miscarriage on the fifth month, they were heartbroken.

“We thought we would never have a baby but then came the good news - Meenu was pregnant with our twins! This time, I was very careful - we missed none of her check-ups, she ate good food and took adequate rest. I was determined to not let anything happen to Meenu or our babies.”

But fate had other plans - Meenu had severe pain in her seventh month of pregnancy. Immediate delivery was the only way that could save both the mother and the babies. She gave birth to a baby girl and a baby boy - both preterm and underweight. They have been on the ventilator for the last two weeks - their lungs haven’t developed, they can’t breathe on their own.

Jai Prakash hasn’t slept in days. Sitting on the waiting hall chairs, he keeps worrying about how he can save his twins.

“I have a small cart from where I sell clothes in the village - how much do you think I earn in a day? It’s not even enough to feed my family two meals a day, how will I save my babies?

The babies need to stay in the hospital for at least a month more - it would cost Jai Prakash about 15 lakhs. The only way he can save them is with your help.

Jai Prakash and Meenu are looking to you for your help, your generous contribution will save these babies 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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