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This 3-year-old Has Only 24 Hours To Live And Only An Urgent Liver Transplant Can Save Him

In the next 24 hours, if he doesn’t get the transplant, he will go into a coma and die. He hasn’t spoken a word or opened his eyes since the past 3 days.” – Feroz Khan, Toukir’s father, while weeping uncontrollably.

Feroz and his wife, Tahseen by Toukir's side, who is unconscious
After suffering severely from jaundice, 3-year-old Toukir Khan’s liver has completely failed. He is extremely critical and has only 24 hours to live unless he undergoes a liver transplant immediately. His father has been matched to be a suitable donor but he has absolutely nothing left to provide for the surgery. Now, he is running out of time to save his dying son.

Toukir is extremely critical

Toukir was completely normal until last month. Suddenly, the 3-year-old became extremely weak and was suffering from jaundice. His skin turned yellow very quickly.

Toukir, when he was normal and healthy

Residing in rural Maharashtra, Feroz and his wife, Tahseen, rushed their 3-year-old baby to a local hospital but his condition kept getting worse by the minute. Finally, they got him to Hyderabad to provide him the medical attention he needs.

In just 4 days, we got to know that his liver was completely damaged. Just thinking about how fast all these things happened is shocking.” – Feroz

Now, due to acute liver failure, the 3-year-old baby is slowly dying. He needs to undergo a liver transplant urgently to have hopes of survival.

Toukir has been unconscious since the past 3 days

“Every Sunday, he loved going to different gardens and public parks. He didn’t know his condition was so bad and 3 days back he told me ‘Papa, please take me to the garden’. Those were his last words. He isn’t opening his eyes or listening to me anymore. He is alive but unconscious for 3 days. My wife and I have just been next to each other crying every minute. I hope God doesn’t do this to any child or parent.” – Feroz, while weeping

Now, since his liver has stopped functioning, the 3-year-old is battling for his life and just hanging on by a thread. Without the transplant, the doctors had said that he still had 20% chances to make it out of this. Now, he has 0% chances of survival unless he gets a liver transplant.

Only a liver transplant can save the 3-year-old baby

If Toukir gets a liver transplant in the next 24 hours, he can still recover completely. His father has been matched as a suitable donor but he has nothing left to provide for the transplant. He has exhausted all his resources and now, he and his wife are in dire need of help.

Feroz is racing against time to save his dying son

3-year-old Toukir has just 24 hours to live and Feroz is running out of time to arrange the funds needed to help his dying son undergo a life-saving liver transplant.

Hailing from rural Maharashtra, Feroz works as a laborer and earns a meager salary every month. His wife, Tahseen, is a homemaker. Feroz has spent around Rs. 3.5 lakhs to keep his son alive until now. He has spent all his savings and asked everyone he could.

“My family has also given me all that they had. Even if I ask more people now, how can I get help so fast, in such short notice? My son shouldn’t die because of poverty. It seems like he is just left on the bed to die. I feel so helpless but how I can I leave him like that? As parents, I can’t describe what we are going through right now.” – Feroz
The total cost for the liver transplant is estimated to be around Rs. 16 lakhs. Feroz has absolutely nothing left and he has no way to arrange for such a colossal sum in such short notice. He needs urgent help, without which, his son could possibly die within the next 24 hours.

How you can help

3-year-old Toukir will die in the next 24 hours unless he undergoes an immediate liver transplant. His liver has failed completely. His father is matched as a suitable donor but he has no money to provide for the surgery. He is desperately racing against time and now, he needs your help to save his dying son.

Your support and contribution will save 3-year-old baby Toukir.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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